What is Polarguard HV?

What is Polarguard HV?

Polarguard® HV continuous filament polyester insulation is engineered to provide greater warmth, with less weight and increased loft. Unlike cut staple insulation, Polarguard HV will not mat, clump or pull apart. Polarguard HV has superior insulating ability even when wet because of its hydrophobic features.

What is hollofil insulation?

A high loft insulation made with hollow polyester fibers. The finished product is lightweight and warm. Hollofil II, another version, is a coated hollow polyester fiber with added drape.

Is a sleeping bag an insulator?

Unfortunately, it makes for a poor choice of insulation for a sleeping bag. In a sleeping bag, for outdoor use, you want the insulation to be “puffy” as the air pockets retain the heat. By and large, the only place you’ll find Thermolite insulation used in sleeping bags is in bags that cost $50 or less.

What is Coletherm?

Coletherm insulation, also exclusive to Coleman, is a hollow-core fiber, allowing for greater loft (a measure of the amount of space the insulation occupies and the amount of air the insulation can trap). All three types of insulation are made of these high-quality fibers and prevent body heat from escaping.

What is the best fill for a sleeping bag?

At its most basic, it comes down to two choices: down (natural) or synthetic fill. Good quality down is still the most efficient sleeping bag insulation available, with the best warmth-to-weight ratio and amazing compressibility.

Are synthetic sleeping bags good?

Whilst nothing beats down fill in terms of its impressive warmth-to-packability ratio and longevity, today’s synthetic sleeping bags have come a long way. They’re lighter, warmer, more technical and better designed than ever. Synthetic bags also perform better in wet conditions than their down counterparts.

Is goose down better than polyester?

Down is weight-for-weight the better insulator, so it’s most suitable than synthetic down for extremely cold conditions. Very cold conditions are usually very dry conditions. Down is the ideal insulation for dry-cold climates and on expeditions and adventures where weight is a defining factor, such as alpine climbing.

Is Thermolite as warm as down?

While Thermolite insulation is less expensive, it has a higher warmth per weight compared to down, leading to bulkier items using it. However, down insulation is less suited for active wear and is dramatically less water resistant than synthetic insulation.

What goes underneath a sleeping bag?

Add a closed-cell foam pad beneath your regular sleeping pad for extra insulation. Stuff dry clothing inside your sleeping bag to fill empty spaces, reducing the area your body must heat. Put a warm water bottle close to the core of your body, since your core is your body’s chief heat-generating zone.

How long will a down sleeping bag last?

A quality down sleeping bag can be expected to last 10 years or more, making them an investment in many nights’ sleep that lessens the sticker shock many of these bags carry. Down is incredibly compressible, and this is where it outshines synthetic insulation the most.

What is Kelty Cloudloft insulation?

Our Analysis and Test Results. The Kelty Bestie is a synthetic blanket with 9.5 oz Cloudloft insulation. It comes in one size and a few colors, as well as slightly more protective versions that are more technical and water-resistant.

What is Dacron hollofil?

DACRON® HOLLOFIL® Active – the innovative functional fibre for active people. It combines outstanding moisture transport with optimal softness and loft, combining the best in function and comfort. This fibrefill has been tried and tested in sports, and is now optimised for bedding.