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What is Metzeler tire?

What is Metzeler tire?

Metzeler is a German motorcycle tire company founded in 1863. Originally producing a variety of rubber and plastic products,Metzelerexpanded into aviation, automotive and motorcycle tires. Metzeler has manufactured motorcycle tires since 1892 and their history goes hand in hand with the history of the motorcycle.

Where are metzeler tyres from?

Founded in Germany over a century ago, Metzeler motorcycle tyres showcase a strong commitment to high quality and manufacturing accuracy in all of their products.

Are metzeler tyres any good?

Very nice tire. best sport touring tire on the market. After another 2000 miles around northern Spain and the picos the tyres have just started to go off, not yet worn to wear bars but not as confidence inspiring as they were but 8000 miles is pretty good for a tyre as grippy as these.

Are Metzeler tires made in China?

Metzelers USA website emphasizes the German nature of the company, and has photo’s of their factory iIN GERMANY.. no mention of China. Implied in their marketing is that it’s a GERMAN MADE TIRE.

Does Pirelli own metzeler?

Metzeler is a German motorcycle tyre company founded in 1863. After 1979, Metzeler focused only on motorcycle tyres, and was acquired by Pirelli in 1986.

Are Metzeler tires radial?

Designed for 85% road use, these radial tires feature Metzeler’s 0º Steel Radial belt technology to help the tire deform at speed as little as possible.

Are Metzeler tires made in Germany?

The Company: a German motorcycle tire manufacturer | Metzeler.

How long do Metzeler tires last?

Metzeler: Motorcycle tires are covered for the life of the tire, 4 years from the manufacturer Date Code or until the tread depth reaches 1/32″.

Were are Michelin tires made?

2. Where are Michelin Tires made? The main factory of the company is located in Clermont-Ferrand, France. In 1950, Michelin began manufacturing tires in the United States.

How much does a Metzeler motorcycle tire cost?

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What kind of tires does a motorcycle use?

Since 1892, Metzeler has manufactured high performance motorcycle tires made to meet the expectations of real-life riders everywhere. Made from advanced rubber compounds, Metzeler tires feature innovative tread designs with cutting edge features including Multi-Zone Tension, Advanced Winding, Contour Modeling Technology, and more.

Who is the Metzeler in chasing the extreme?

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