What is meant by ever decreasing circles?

What is meant by ever decreasing circles?

You’re just going round and round in circles that get smaller and smaller? Then you are going round in ever decreasing circles! It happens to us all some days! Here’s a gentle British comedy of the same name.

How many episodes of ever decreasing circles were there?

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How does ever decreasing circles end?

Ann discovers she is pregnant, and, despite Martin initially resenting the unborn child for forcing him to move away from The Close, the story ends with the couple bidding farewell to their neighbours.

How do I watch ever decreasing circles?

Currently you are able to watch “Ever Decreasing Circles” streaming on Sky Go, Now TV, Virgin TV Go.

How old is Richard Briers?

79 years (1934–2013)
Richard Briers/Age at death

Actor Richard Briers, best known for his role in TV’s The Good Life, has died at the age of 79, his agent has said.

What happened at the end of Ever Decreasing Circles?

After four series, Ever Decreasing Circles ended on Christmas Eve 1989 with an 80-minute finale entitled “Moving On” (sometimes referred to by the name “New Horizons”, as the DVD release titles it) in which Martin’s employer, Mole Valley Valves, merges with another company (Lee Valley Valves) and moves to Oswestry.

What happened in the last episode of Ever Decreasing Circles?

December 24, 1989
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Where can I watch Ever Decreasing Circles?

How many series of Ever Decreasing Circles are there?

Ever Decreasing Circles. Ever Decreasing Circles is a British television sitcom which ran on BBC1 between 1984 and 1989, consisting of four series and one feature-length special.

What was the attraction between Ann and Martin in Ever Decreasing Circles?

An undercurrent running throughout the series is the unresolved sexual tension and flirting between Paul and Ann. Martin sometimes seems oblivious to the attraction between Ann and Paul but in one episode, he wrongly believes that they have run off together.

Who was the lead actor in Ever Decreasing Circles?

Ever Decreasing Circles reunited actor Richard Briers with the writers of his huge hit The Good Life. Pitiful the lead character may have been, but viewing audiences somehow identified with him, and the series proved very popular.

Who are the people in the ever decreasing circle crossword?

Around the perimeter of the crossword are the names MARTIN, ANN, PAUL, HOWARD and, in the circled lights, HILDA. The complete set. And circling around the middle are EVER DECREASING OOOOOO and OOZLUM BIRD (look it up), in ever decreasing circles.