What is meant by a mnemonics?

What is meant by a mnemonics?

A mnemonic (/nəˈmɒnɪk/) device, or memory device, is any learning technique that aids information retention or retrieval (remembering) in the human memory for better understanding.

What does it mean to remember precipitous?

You can remember two words like this “He has a PRECIPITATE(without thinking carefully) decision : climb a very PRECIPITOUS cliff” 2 2. “precipitation” of soil creates a high land , sometimes a mountain which is steep and overhasty. 2 3. when a mountain is very steep, you can run down it very hastily (precipitate)

How can I remember inexorable?

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inexorable inexorable = in + exort(urge). You can’t change it.

How do you make a good mnemonic?

Here’s how:

  1. Take the first letter or a key word of the item to remember and write it down.
  2. Repeat for all items.
  3. Create a sentence.
  4. Write the sentence out a few times while saying the words that the acronym refers to.
  5. Practice reciting the items and the created sentence together until you’ve got it memorized!

How can I remember repudiate?

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for repudiate Repudiate/Re-pyo-diate/ Re-Rejected, pyo-poop, diate-date/ When he saw his blind “date” eating turtle “poop”, he “rejected” that disgusting woman.

What is an example of preclude?

Preclude is defined as to prevent something from happening or to prevent someone from doing something. An example of preclude is when you take someone’s keys away so that they cannot drive. verb.

Does preclude have a prefix?

This is a very formal word, but it has a simple meaning: when something is precluded, it can’t happen. See the prefix pre in preclude and in prevent? It is signaling that these words are all about things done before another action would happen — to make it impossible.

How can I remember banal?

How To Remember? The item is so commonplace and unoriginal that if you banned it, you would have to “ban all“. Its not unique or interesting – boring as hell (assuming hell is boring, of course)!

How can I remember intransigent?

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for intransigent In = not, trans = change, for igent think ‘disagreement. ‘ Thus: to not change in a disagreement.