What is malkavian Tremere?

What is malkavian Tremere?

The Malkavians are one of the more intellectually focused of the Camarilla clans (with the Tremere arguably being the only clan as interested in cerebral pursuits). While the Malkavian embrace guarantees insanity, they do tend to choose candidates who are already halfway there.

What is the Tremere curse?

Wiki Targeted (Games) The Blood Curse, also known as the Blood Curse of the Tremere, was a powerful spell inflicted upon the Assamite clan as part of the Treaty of Tyre of 1496 CE to quell the effects of the Curse of Hunger and punish the clan for its practices. The curse was broken in 1998.

What happened to Tremere?

In 1998, the Tremere antitribu were wiped out. After being called to a chantry in Mexico City, they were completely destroyed in an unknown ritual. If any of the antitribu remain, those who did not attend the gathering, they are undoubtedly in hiding.

Why do the Tzimisce hate the Tremere?

There’s a comment in (I think) Revised Edition about Koldunic sorcery being on the rise in modern nights, and that’s probably your best bet: young Tzimisce, who tend to only hate the Tremere because they’re told to, because the Tremere are part of the Camarilla, and because the Tremere act high and mighty.

How did Tremere become vampires?

In the Mage: The Ascension supplement Blood Treachery, Tremere claims to have known his Avatar would die upon performing the ritual that transformed him into a vampire. Tremere’s white worm-like shapeshifted form may be a reference to The Lair of the White Worm, a novel by Bram Stoker, author of Dracula.

When did Tremere become vampires?

The first edition of Vampire the Masquerade came out in 1991. Mage the Ascension didn’t come out until 1993 and most of the rotes that could be used for immortality came out in expansions. In the Mage version of the story, Tremere was experimenting with vampiric blood and accidentally became a vampire.

What clans are in bloodlines 2?

The Bloodlines 2 Clans we know about so far are:

  • Thinblood.
  • Brujah.
  • Tremere.
  • Toreador.
  • Ventrue.
  • Malkavian.

Who did Tremere Diablerie?

Saulot, also known as Zao-Lat, Zao, the Dragon, or the Warlord, was an Antediluvian who was diablerised by Tremere (possibly voluntarily), in 1133 CE.

Who are the Malkavians in Vampire The Masquerade?

Malkavians are, uh… interesting. There’s something to them. Learning to sort the wisdom from the bullshit can be some work and, uh, not all of them are worth listening to, but, uh, they’re all good fun if you ask me. The Malkavians are one of seven playable clans in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

Who are the clans in Vampire The Masquerade?

The Tremere are divided in houses (Tremere, Goratrix, Carna and Ipsissimus), but only House Tremere is firmly inside the Camarilla. In the past, the Tremere had an extremely hierarchical, meritocratic structure, where newly embraced vampires were blood-bonded to their leaders, an act that guaranteed their loyalty to the clan.

How did the Tremere get to be vampires?

The Tremere were never supposed to be vampires; they were Mages that arrived at vampirism through a fumbled experiment to obtain eternal life. This also earned them many enemies in a short amount of time. However, they recovered quickly, becoming Thaumaturgy (Blood Magic) wielders, intellectual powerhouses and one of the pillars of the Camarilla.

Are there any bloodlines of the Tremere clan?

In truth, the Tremere are a bloodline of the Tzimisce, as it was the blood of Fiends that was used to create them. Regardless, there are no bloodlines of Tremere in the modern nights, as the clan’s uniformity does not allow deviations.