What is M Sport Package 4 series?

What is M Sport Package 4 series?

The M Sport Package ($3,800) adds several choices of different wheel and tire combinations plus an aerodynamic kit, variable sport steering, sportier suspension options, a SensaTec dashboard, an M steering wheel, Shadowline exterior trim, and more interior trim options. It also adds Adaptive M suspension.

Is it expensive to own a BMW 4 Series?

The average cost of owning a BMW 4 Series for 5 years is $59,184. This total will vary per vehicle, driver and location. These ownership expenses include: Depreciation.

What series is the M4 BMW?

BMW 4 Series
The BMW M4 is a high-performance version of the BMW 4 Series coupes and convertibles developed by BMW’s motorsport division, BMW M.

Are used BMW 4 Series Reliable?

But if you’re looking to buy a used BMW with excellent reliability ratings, those options do exist. Take the BMW 4 Series, for instance. Not only is the 4 Series fun to drive, it’s also earned solid reliability ratings from respected critics.

What’s the difference between M4 and M4 competition package?

The regular M4 rides on 18-inch front wheels and 19-inchers in the back while the M4 Competition rolls on a staggered set of 19s in front and 20s in back. Both models also feature a carbon-fiber roof that reduces their center of gravity, and they can be equipped with a set of fade-resistant carbon-ceramic brakes.

When did the BMW 4 Series convertible come out?

The BMW 4 Series Convertible (F33) entered the showroom shortly after the BMW 4 Series Coupé. The modern folding metal roof makes it a pleasure to drive all year round, as does the confident design. In the summer of 2014, the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe (F36) completed the BMW 4 Series models.

Is the BMW 4 series based on the BMW 3 series?

Like its predecessors, the new generation of the BMW 4 Series is based on the current BMW 3 Series, but has a lower center of gravity by two centimeters and a wider rear axle track width by 23 millimeters for vastly improved dynamics.

What are the 5 points of a BMW 4 series?

5 POINTS FOR THE BMW 4 SERIES. 1 Unique, exclusive design 2 Exceptional driving dynamics 3 Dynamic engines up to the 374 hp M TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder engine 4 Flexible vehicle concept: Coupé, Cabrio, or Gran Coupé 5 Best connectivity thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive

How much horsepower does a BMW 4 series have?

Unleash up to 382 horsepower with the inline-6 of the M440i xDrive. Razor-sharp handling. Maintain an exact balance of control and composure. The wider front track allows for enhanced responsiveness and exceptional handling, while the stiffened chassis provides maximum rigidity and comfort.