What is library archive and Museum?

What is library archive and Museum?

Library, Archive, and Museum (LAM) professionals are trained in organizing and categorizing items in their respective collections. Since this is their specialty they’ve applied the same principles to classify LAM entities separately, due to the LAM’s slightly different functions and collection materials.

What is the difference between a library and an archive?

Libraries collect and provide access to published materials in order to disseminate information, promote scholarship, and provide entertainment. An archive is a collection of records created or received by a person, family, or organization, and preserved because of their continuing value.

What are the roles and functions that libraries and archives play in any given society?

Libraries, for example, are engaged in the tangible activities of identifying, acquiring, preserving, and providing access to published information. They are also engaged in less tangible, value-laden activities such as promoting intellectual freedom and serving as focal points for various communities.

What is the difference between archive and collection?

The term “archives” usually refers to institutional records. These materials document the major goals and activities of an organization, business, etc. and are therefore preserved by that entity. Special Collections are non-institutional historical records held by an organization or department.

What is LAM library?

The resulting collections might be informal, but when they are institutionalized and sustained over time, they are typically referred to as libraries, archives, and museums. Throughout the paper we refer to the broad world of library, archive, and museum collection by the abbreviation LAM.

What is library and archives?

An archive is a place to store and preserve public records or historical materials, while a library is a place that houses a collection of books, periodicals, and other material for reading, viewing, study, or reference. An archive may be a part of a library, or an archive can have the word library in its name.

What is an archive museum?

Archive: a collection of historical documents or artifacts. Museum: a place that displays historical documents and artifacts for people to come and look at. Many museums can be considered archives, but an archive is not necessarily a museum.

What are museum collections?

Museum Collections are a broad category of historical materials (primarily objects) that require specialized storage and handling and are therefore generally unavailable for broad public research use. Museum Collections are used extensively in the Chicago History Museum’s exhibitions, publications,…

What is a library archive?

Library: A library (sometimes called an archive) is a collection of pre-compiled object files that promote code reuse across many projects. Each object file in the library is simply a compiled version of a C or assembly source file from the original library project.