What is Knossos known for?

What is Knossos known for?

Knossos is known for being Europe’s oldest city and is famous for the Minoan Palace of Knossos. The Palace of Knossos is located just five kilometers southeast of the island of Crete’s capital city – Heraklion.

Why is the palace of Knossos important?

The palace of Knossos was the center of administration of the entire island during Minoan times, and its position as such allowed for unprecedented growth and prosperity as witnessed by the plethora of storage magazines, workshops, and wall paintings.

Who excavated Knossos?

archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans
Visitors to the prehistoric Palace of Knossos are greeted by a bronze bust of the British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans who excavated, restored and interpreted the monument in the early 20th century, thus leaving us with an everlasting legacy on the archaeology of Crete and the Aegean.

What was the central feature of the palace at Knossos?

In Greek mythology, King Minos dwelt in a palace at Knossos. He had Daedalus construct a labyrinth, a very large maze (by some connected with the double-bladed axe, or labrys) in which to retain his son, the Minotaur. Daedalus also built a dancing floor for Queen Ariadne.

What were the central features of the Palace of Knossos?

The structure was made of a combination of stone masonry, rubble, plaster and wood. Unlike the “citadels” of the mainland, there is no evidence of fortification. The centerpiece of the palace was a large paved central court, which measures 27m x 49m at Knossos.

Who invented Knossos?

Discovery and modern history of the antiquities The site of Knossos was discovered in 1878 by Minos Kalokairinos. The excavations in Knossos began in 1900 by the English archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans (1851–1941) and his team, and continued for 35 years.

Who first discovered Knossos?

Excavations were begun at Knossos under Sir Arthur Evans in 1900 and revealed a palace and surrounding buildings that were the centre of a sophisticated Bronze Age culture that dominated the Aegean between about 1600 and 1400 bc.

How much does it cost to get into Knossos?

The cost of admission is now, in beginning 2021, 15 euros per person. Our tip: There is an entrance ticket in combination with the famous Archaeological Museum of Crete in Herkalion for only one euro more (16 Euro). Opening hours Knossos: In summer, the palace is open daily from 8am to 8pm.