What is host variable?

What is host variable?

A host variable is a field in your program that is specified in an SQL statement, usually as the source or target for the value of a column. The host variable and column must have compatible data types.

What is SQL indicator variable?

An indicator variable is a halfword integer variable used to communicate additional information about its associated host variable. If the value for the result column is null, SQL puts a -1 in the indicator variable. If the value for the result column causes a data mapping error, SQL sets the indicator variable to -2.

Is an indicator a variable?

Variables take different values. That is categorized either in qualitative and quantitative variables or dependent and independent variables. Indicator is variable that can measure change against objective.

What is indicator variables in regression?

A Dummy variable or Indicator Variable is an artificial variable created to represent an attribute with two or more distinct categories/levels. Why is it used? Regression analysis treats all independent (X) variables in the analysis as numerical.

What is indicator variable in Db2?

Indicator variables are small integers that you can use to: Indicate whether the values of associated host variables are null. Verify that the value of a retrieved character string has not been truncated. Insert null values from host variables into columns.

What is null indicator in Db2?

The null indicator is used by DB2 to track whether its associated column is null or not. A positive value or a value of 0 means the column is not null and any actual value stored in the column is valid. A negative value indicates that the column is set to null.

What must precede all host variables in an SQL statement?

All host variables within an SQL statement must be preceded by a colon (:).

How are indicator variables declared within a program?

Remember, an indicator variable must be declared as a 2-byte integer and, in SQL statements, must be prefixed with a colon and appended to its host variable (unless you use the keyword INDICATOR).

What is the difference between indicator and variable?

An indicator is a variable that is used to tap a concept, regardless of whether the concept poses as an independent or dependent variable. So neither indicators nor concepts can be hypotheses by themselves, for hypotheses are statements of relationships between two variables.

How do you define an indicator variable?

A dummy variable (aka, an indicator variable) is a numeric variable that represents categorical data, such as gender, race, political affiliation, etc. Researchers use dummy variables to analyze regression equations when one or more independent variables are categorical.

Why do we use indicator variables?

Indicator variables – sometimes also referred to as dummy variables, though I don’t know why – are variables that take on only the value of 0 and 1, and are used to indicate whether a given observation belongs to a discrete category in a way that can be used in statistical models.

What is cursor in Cobol DB2?

Db2 has a mechanism called a cursor . Using a cursor is like keeping your finger on a particular line of text on a printed page. In Db2, an application program uses a cursor to point to one or more rows in a set of rows that are retrieved from a table.

What is the difference between indicator, index, variable?

Often, which state is coded 1 and which is 0 is a matter of convention or convenience, as in the case of male or female. Indicator variables are perhaps more often called dummy variables in several fields of statistical science, although that term on occasion has been misread as offensive.

What’s the difference between a hypotheses and an indicator?

Hypotheses assert a relationship between an independent variable and a dependent variable. So neither indicators nor concepts can be hypotheses by themselves, for hypotheses are statements of relationships between two variables.

What is the value of a host variable in SQL?

Together, a host variable and its companion indicator variable specify a single SQL value. Both variables must be preceded by a colon (:). When a host variable is null, its indicator variable has the value -1; when a host variable is not null, the indicator variable has a value other than -1.

How are Host variables used in insert and UPDATE statements?

You can use host arrays as input variables in INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements and as output variables in the INTO clause of SELECT and FETCH statements. This means that you can use arrays with SELECT, FETCH, DELETE, INSERT and UPDATE statements to manipulate large volumes of data.