What is good about Columbia?

What is good about Columbia?

Columbia’s reputation for out-standing achievement in the sciences. Columbia has a long tradition of distinguished teaching, research and discovery in the natural sciences and mathematics.

What is so special about Columbia University?

They are many things unique about Columbia. Some include its liberal arts core curriculum that every student in the college completes, other include its urban settling with all the opportunities if New York City at your disposal. Other include its extreme diversity and international feel, much more than HYP.

What majors is Columbia known for?

Academic Life at Columbia University The most popular majors at Columbia University include: Social Sciences; Engineering; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; and Visual and Performing Arts.

Why Columbia is the best?

Columbia is one of the top colleges in the world in basically every subject area (sciences, engineering, humanities, arts, social sciences, journalism, languages, finance) in one of the most exciting cities in the world. It has top faculty, top students, top research, top resources.

What is Columbia University looking for?

Columbia looks for students who are curious and informed about the world, and it tends to favor applicants who are proficient in a language beyond English. Columbia also looks for students who embody leadership, particularly in terms of social intelligence, self-awareness, and behavioral analysis.

Do Columbia interviews matter?

Candidates who are not offered an interview are not at any disadvantage in the admissions process. Because the actual assignment of interviews is not conducted by Columbia Undergraduate Admissions, we respectfully ask that you do not call or write to inquire about receiving an interview.

Is getting into Columbia University Difficult?

Columbia University is a prestigious school, not just because of its low acceptance rate or high starting salary for graduates. And with a school and selective as Columbia, that’s going to be difficult—but not impossible. Follow this guide to get your college application in shape for a Columbia acceptance!