What is favorably inclined mean?

What is favorably inclined mean?

Favouring one side in a dispute above the other.

What does it mean to be physically inclined?

having a physical tendency; leaning. tending in a direction that makes an angle with anything else.

What is the synonym of favorable?


  • agreeable.
  • benign.
  • encouraging.
  • positive.
  • supportive.
  • sympathetic.
  • affirmative.
  • amicable.

What are some synonyms for the word incline?

synonyms for incline

  • acclivity.
  • declivity.
  • descent.
  • grade.
  • lean.
  • ramp.
  • rise.
  • tilt.

What does electronically inclined mean?

someone who is technically inclined, musically inclined etc is good at or interested in technical work, music etc. Synonyms and related words. Skilful and able. able.

Was inclined to definition?

to have an opinion about something, but not a strong opinion: He was inclined to agree with them. Wanting things.

What do you mean by flattering?

to try to please by complimentary remarks or attention. to praise or compliment insincerely, effusively, or excessively: She flatters him by constantly praising his books. to represent favorably; gratify by falsification: The portrait flatters her.

Are more inclined to synonym?

What is another word for more inclined?

readier gamer
more amenable more fain
more predisposed more prepared
more enthusiastic more set
more pleased more zealous

Is incline the opposite of decline?

The verb decline means refuse to accept, but the noun decline means a downward slope (the opposite of an incline), or a decrease in quality.

How is the word’favourably’used in medicine?

Two patients with loss of arterial pulse responded favourably to treatment with heparin and streptokinase. In other words, the volume does not compare favourably with field guides at large.

What does it mean to be judged favourably?

New recruits are usually desperate to be judged favourably by their superiors. Patients comment more favourably about hospitals when they have recently undergone treatment. Our products compare favourably with all the leading brands.

Is the Cambridge English Dictionary reviewed favourably?

The book itself has been widely and favourably reviewed in various media, although some academic reviewers have been less generous. The scholar is compared favourably with that other notoriously frivolous and unproductive cultural figure, the poet.