What is CRSP Compustat?

What is CRSP Compustat?

The CRSP/Compustat Merged Database is a CRSP product that contains Compustat data items. The database is structured so that Compustat items can be accessed using CRSP’s PERMNO/PERMCO identifiers and Compustat’s GVKEY identifiers.

How do I access Compustat database?

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to WRDS.
  2. Select “account request”
  3. Select “request a user account”
  4. Select the appropriate “account type”
  5. Fill out and submit the form.
  6. You will receive an email after your request is approved with login instructions.

How do you calculate ROA on Compustat?

Returns on assets (ROA) is calculated by dividing operating incomes: [pre-tax earnings (Compustat data #170) – extraordinary items (Compustat item #192)] by sales (Compustat data #12).

What data does Compustat have?

Contains Standard & Poor’s Compustat (United States), Global Vantage (international), Research Insight, and Bank Fundamentals databases, providing access to price data for publicly traded companies, market information on important banks in the United States, and a wide range of technical data.

How many firms are in Compustat?

standard & poor’s Compustat Xpressfeed® delivers clean, consistent fundamental and market data covering nearly 56,000 active and inactive companies from 112 countries.

Is CUSIP permanent?

Among all commonly used security/company identifiers, TICKER and CUSIP are probably the most often mentioned ones. First of all, neither identifier is permanent.

What is Ncusip?

(NCUSIP is a historical eight digit CUSIP assigned at the equity issue). On Home page, select CRSP > Tools > Translate to PERMCO/PERMNO​ Download link table between various heavily used databases on WRDS platform, such as IBES CRSP linking file.

What data is available in Compustat?

What is Worldscope database?

Worldscope offers fundamental data on the world’s leading public and private companies, including annual and interim/quarterly data, detailed historical financial statement content, per share data, calculated ratios, pricing and textual information.

How do you calculate book value of equity?

The book value of equity is equal to total assetsminus total liabilities, preferred stocks, and intangible assets.

How to find Stock Exchange codes in Compustat?

Path: start up Compustat > center of screen shows an explanation, but also a link : Manuals and overviews (provided you got access to Compustat)> right click open in new TAB > Compustat online manual = Xpressfeed Data Guide starts up in a new screen > click search > typ in: exchange codes.

How are the series names generated in Compustat?

Series names are internally constructed from the data array names documented in the COMPUSTAT manual. Each column of data array is treated as a SAS variable. The names of these variables are generated by concatenating the corresponding column numbers to the array name. Missing values use four codes.

How many active companies are in the Compustat database?

Compustat Data Definitions The Compustat Database contains “Standardized” financial, statistical and market information for over 10,000 actively traded U.S. companies, as well as over 10,900 inactive U.S. companies.

What kind of data format does Compustat use?

Data are available in both an IBM 360/370 format and a “Universal Character” format, both of which further subdivide into annual and quarterly formats. The BY variables are used to select individual companies or a group of companies.