What is bladder neck closure?

What is bladder neck closure?

Bladder neck closure (BNC) is a definitive management option in women with patulous or severely shortened urethras, recurrent urethrovaginal fistulas, or irreparable urethral stricture disease. The two main techniques for performing BNC are the transvaginal approach and retropubic, or abdominal, approach.

What causes boo?

Bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) occurs when there is a blockage at the base or neck of the bladder. Such a blockage reduces or stops the flow of urine into the urethra, which carries urine from the body. BOO is most common in older men and often is linked to prostate problems.

What is the bladder neck problem?

Main Points. Primary bladder neck obstruction (PBNO) is a condition in which the bladder neck fails to open adequately during voiding, resulting in increased striated sphincter activity or obstruction of urinary flow in the absence of another anatomic obstruction.

What are boo symptoms?

Bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) is a problem in which the flow of urine is partially or completely blocked. This produces a number of symptoms, including diminished urine flow, pelvic pain, and bladder discomfort.

What is BPH?

Benign prostatic hyperplasia, a noncancerous enlargement of the prostate gland, is the most common benign tumor found in men.

What is Marion disease?

Obstruction of the outlet of the bladder caused by enlargement of the muscle cells in the neck of the bladder. J. B. C. G. Marion (1869–1960), French surgeon.

What is intravesical prostatic protrusion?

Intravesical prostatic protrusion (IPP) is a phenomenon in which the prostate adenoma enlarges into the bladder along the plane of least resistance [1]. Previous studies in men with IPP have demonstrated an increased rate of bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) or progression of clinical BPH [2].

What blocks urine flow?

The urethra can get narrow due to scar tissue. This is called a stricture. Urinary stones can also block the flow of urine out of your body. Urinary retention can also be caused by certain medications.

Is the urinary bladder a male or female organ?

Urinary bladder (green) – Female. First, as the bladder walls are stretched when it is full or getting closer to maximum capacity, there are signals that are transmitted through the parasympathetic nervous system to contract the detrusor muscle.

How does the nervous system affect a baby’s bladder?

In babies, the nervous system has not yet developed further, so a baby’s bladder fills to a set point, then automatically contracts and empties. As the child matures, so does the nervous system, which means the brain can now receive messages from the filling bladder and prevent it from automatically emptying until convenient.

Which is part of the bladder contains the trigone?

The fundus is the base of the bladder, which is formed by the posterior wall and contains the trigone of the bladder, and is lymphatically drained by the external iliac lymph nodes. The trigone is the structure that contains the outlet (urethra) of the bladder.

How does Advanced vaginal retraction cause urine accumulation?

In the case described here, the advanced vaginal retraction caused the accumulation of urine in the vagina through the urethrovaginal fistula, which was confirmed with cystourethrography. Urinary stasis contributed significantly to the formation of vaginal lithiases.