What is a secondary clutch for?

What is a secondary clutch for?

The secondary clutch is mounted to the input shaft of the transmission, transaxle, or the like. In modern CVT systems such as those used in recreational vehicles, the secondary clutch has two functions: as a “slave” to the primary clutch and to provide a torque sensing element.

How does a secondary clutch work on a snowmobile?

The secondary clutch connects to the track drive, which turns the wheels and powers the tracks. A spring in the secondary clutch operates the cams (wedges), which are sensitive to torque. As the engine’s RPM increases and the primary transmits power, these cams squeeze together and tighten the belt.

Should you lube a snowmobile clutch?

that is correct, you do not lubricate a snowmobile primary clutch. It is considered a “dry clutch” on an atv, you use a quality grease to lube the rollers but that is not done on a snowmobile.

What does the secondary clutch spring do?

The primary clutch spring changes the engagement rpm. The secondary clutch spring changes the up and back shift speed by spring stiffness.

How does a secondary clutch helix work?

The helix is the mechanical device that actually separates the sheaves of the secondary via rub blocks or rollers. The helix angle basically determines how quickly the secondary opens and closes. A straight cut helix (let’s say 36 degrees) opens and closes the sheaves at a constant rate.

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