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What is a pre execution checklist army?

What is a pre execution checklist army?

Pre-Execution Checklist Instructions Indicate the title of the course and the date of the report. Confirm the soldier is prepared to perform training in accordance with the army standards. If the soldier is a military or civilian vehicle operator, list their license numbers, expiration dates, and the state of issuance.

What is an execution checklist?

The execution checklist is something Jocko used to ensure he and his team got the things done that they were supposed to get done that day. This can really be seen as a to-do list to most people, but the steps and amount of detail Jocko goes into really takes the traditional to-do list to the next level.

What does CL mean on pre execution checklist?

Key: CL-Clerical/ADMIN; CO-Combat/CMBT; EL-Electronic/ELEC; FA-Field Artillery/FA; GM-General Maintenance/MAINT; GT-General.

Do you need dress blues for BLC?

Marksmanship and Driver Badges are also authorized. Soldiers will arrive to BLC with their Dress Uniform properly fitted, clean, pressed and presentable, with all awards, decorations, badges, and name plates affixed.

What is post execution?

A post-execution command runs after the job finishes, regardless of the exit state of the job. Once a post-execution command is associated with a job, that command runs even if the job fails.

What is an FTM office?

The Office of Fleet and Travel Management (FTM) is responsible for making vehicles available to state agencies, either on a permanent or short-term basis. Additionally, FTM personnel offer training and assistance to agencies which use the Equipment Management System (EMS).

What is an SRB army?

The Selective Retention Bonus (SRB) Program is a monetary incentive offered to qualified Soldiers who reenlist in the Regular Army for continued duty in certain military occupational specialties (MOS).

What is ta50 gear?

TA-50 is the standard issued gear for soldiers, such as Load-Bearing Vest, Assault Pack, Ruck Sack, canteens, poncho, Advanced Combat Helmet, etc…. See pictures of the equipment typically stored in TA-50 lockers. They are storage lockers and thus are suitable for storing any items you would like to securely store.

What do I need to bring to BLC?