What is a painted woman?

What is a painted woman?

noun. old-fashioned, derogatory a woman whose appearance suggests she is promiscuous.

What is the synonym of dented?

verbchip, scrape, depress.

Is Dented an adjective?

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb dent which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. Capable of being dented.

Has dents on body meaning?

a mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something (especially on a person’s body) a depression scratched or carved into a surface. synonyms: incision, prick, scratch, slit.

Where did the term painted lady originate?

The term was first used for San Francisco Victorian houses by writers Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen in their 1978 book Painted Ladies: San Francisco’s Resplendent Victorians.

Why are butterflies called Painted Ladies?

The painted lady probably owes its global abundance to the fact that its larvae feed on such common plants. The painted lady also goes by the name thistle butterfly, and its scientific name—Vanessa cardui—means “butterfly of thistle.”

What is the opposite of Dent?

dent. Antonyms: tumor, protuberance, button, knob, tooth. Synonyms: indentation, notch, cavity.

What do you mean by erode?

transitive verb. 1 : to diminish or destroy by degrees: a : to eat into or away by slow destruction of substance (as by acid, infection, or cancer) b : to wear away by the action of water, wind, or glacial ice flooding eroded the hillside.

What does denter mean?

1 : to make a dent in dent a car. 2 : to have a weakening effect on. intransitive verb. : to form a dent by sinking inward : become dented.

What does put a dent mean?

Definition of make/put a dent : to decrease something slightly or to make something somewhat weaker We tried our best to fix the problem, but nothing we did seems to have made a dent. — often + in It’s going to take more than a new law to make a dent in the city’s drug crime.

What does the root word dent mean?

-dent-, root. -dent- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “tooth. ” This meaning is found in such words as: dental, dentifrice, dentist, dentistry, denture.

What does it mean to dent something?

1 : a depression or hollow made by a blow or by pressure. 2 : an appreciable impression or effect often made against resistance hasn’t made a dent in the problem specifically : a weakening or lessening effect costs that have made a dent in the budget.

Which is the best definition of dented in English?

Define dented. dented synonyms, dented pronunciation, dented translation, English dictionary definition of dented. n. 1. A depression in a surface made by pressure or a blow: a dent in the side of a car. 2. Informal A significant, usually diminishing effect or…

What are the synonyms for the word Dent?

the dented car fender bore silent testament to an accident that no one in the family was owning up to. Synonyms for dented. concave, depressed, dished, hollow, indented, recessed, sunken.

What are some unusual words that Susie Dent says?

Countdown’s Susie Dent reveals the unusual foodie words that describe how your favourite treats really taste Alliacious, suaveolent, conflagrant: these unusual words are a struggle to pronounce, let alone spell.

What does Susie Dent mean by reblochon cheese?

Highly flavoured or seasoned, from the French ‘haut goût’. In a sentence: Reblochon has the characteristic piquant, hogo flavour of so many French cheeses. Why Susie loves it: ‘The British love taking a French word and making it fit more easily on the English tongue.