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What is a liner hanger in the oilfield?

What is a liner hanger in the oilfield?

1. n. [Well Completions] A device used to attach or hang liners from the internal wall of a previous casing string. Liner hangers are available in a range of sizes and specifications to suit a variety of completion conditions.

What does a casing hanger do?

The subassembly of a wellhead that supports the casing string when it is run into the wellbore. The casing hanger provides a means of ensuring that the string is correctly located and generally incorporates a sealing device or system to isolate the casing annulus from upper wellhead components.

What is liner lap?

The top of a liner, specifically the interval between the liner top and the shoe of the previous casing.

What is the difference between casing and liner?

Liner is a casing string that does not extend back to the wellhead, but is hung from another casing string. Liners are used instead of full casing strings to: Reduce cost. Improve hydraulic performance when drilling deeper.

What is expandable liner hanger?

Expandable liner hangers, such as the TIW XPak Expandable Liner Hanger System, are engineered to mitigate risk by ensuring an effective liner top seal. The system also provides for a tieback capability at the liner top with various seal bore lengths to meet future installation needs.

What is a oil hanger?

In petroleum production, the casing hanger is that portion of a wellhead assembly which provides support for the casing string when it is lowered into the wellbore. This is installed to support the individual casing strings in the well. It is the landing base or the casing head.

What is a mandrel hanger?

Portion of a casing or tubing hanger that is attached by a threaded connection to the tubular string and forms the upper end of that tubular string.

What is a liner top packer?

The Liner Top Packer is used as an isolation packer on the top of the liner system. It consists of a one-piece seal element with bonded metal back-up rings and is available with (XTS Top Packer) or without (ITS Top Packer) hold down slips.

What is a well liner?

Well Liner is a string that is hung from inside within the old casing string. Usually, a liner is wrapped with a shaped wire thus prohibiting the entry of loose sand in the well. It is also be used in jet perforation guns as a conically shaped metallic piece to increase the penetrating power of the jet.

How is well casing installed?

Well-Installation Procedures

  1. Drill a borehole about 10 feet into the rock.
  2. Flush the hole with clean water.
  3. Fill the rock interval with grout, and immediately set the casing into the hole.
  4. Drill through the grout, plug in the lower casing, and progress into the aquifer.

What is expandable casing?

With the expandable casing, an operator runs a section of pipe into the well and then drops the expansion cone, which is moved by hydraulic fluid run through a smaller line that is connected to the cone. Normally, expandable casing only refers to liner. …

What does a liner hanger do for a well?

Liner Hanger is a special down hole tool/system that is used to hang the liner pipe at the bottom of the upper casing and performs cement injection.It is one of the casing accessories. Liner likes casing, but it is not run through the full depth of the well. Finish the cementing work by liner hanger.

How does a Gradwell liner hanger system work?

Hydraulic Set Liner Hanger Mechanical Set Liner Hanger Liner Top Packer Float Shoe Float Collar Cementing Head Centralizers Spiralizers Cementing Plugs Hammer Union Flow Couplings Cement Basket Cementing Manifold Casing Tubing Couplings X-Over Pup Joints Line Pipe Thread Compound Thread Protector Slotted Liner Conductor Pipe

Who is the best manufacturer of liner hangers?

JC Petro is a liner hanger manufacturer and supplier with API certificate.We focus on tools to the oil and gas industry from 2003.Our liner hanger is designed to work in every well condition. Some of them are in difficult wells of horizontal completions and in deep water applications.

Which is liner hanger system does Halliburton use?

Liner hanger solutions for extreme reservoir conditions, ultra-high temperatures, highly corrosive and hostile fluids. Halliburton liner hanger systems allow the liner to be suspended in the previous casing string by providing reliable sealing and a bi-directional anchor capability.