What is a Kogoro?

What is a Kogoro?

Word/name. Japanese. Meaning. Different meanings depending on the kanji used. Kogorō, Kogoro or Kogorou (written: 小五郎) is a masculine Japanese given name.

How many mysteries has Conan solved?

In nearly 800 episodes and counting of Detective Conan (Case Closed), Conan Edogawa has solved several kinds of mysteries. Find out more about the mysteries that Conan has solved over the years!…Related Database Entries.

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Manga: Detective Conan

How many cases have Conan solved?

As of volume 86 of the manga, Conan has dealt with a whopping 263 incidents, working out to 0.72 incidents per day (since the Detective Conan series, officially, has all occurred in less than one year).

Why does Vermouth protect Conan?

Conan who didn’t exist a year ago has no reason to be “protected” by Vermouth. Conan deduces Vermouth must know his identity as Shinichi and the reason for her “protection” must have to do with something he did as Shinichi. However, Sharon was the only one Shinichi had a connection with, and she is apparently dead.

What is a Koguro?

Koguryŏ, the largest of the three kingdoms into which ancient Korea was divided until 668. With the promulgation by King Sosurim (reigned 371–384) of various laws and decrees aimed at centralizing royal authority, Koguryŏ emerged as a full-fledged aristocratic state.

Who is Kogoro Mouri in the Conan series?

Kogoro Mouri (毛利 小五郎 Mōri Kogorō?) is the tritagonist of the manga and anime. He is a private detective and Ran Mouri ‘s father.

How old is Kogoro Mouri in the US?

In the US version, Kogoro Mouri says that he is forty-three, as opposed to being thirty-eight in the Japanese version. It is unknown if Eri’s age remains the same, since they attended school together.

What makes Kogoro Mouri such a good detective?

Despite his arrogant personality, Kogoro has a strong sense of justice and care for human lives like when one of his friends murdered another friend he told Kogoro “You don’t understand anything”, which Kogoro replied to as “Yes, I don’t, no matter what, I can’t understand the reason for killing someone and I don’t want to understand”.

Why does Conan use Kogoro as his mouth piece?

In the few instances where Kogoro remains awake for some reason, Conan still does the main detective work and uses Kogoro as his official mouth-piece by drawing Kogoro’s attentions to important clues he has uncovered.