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What is a ha flag code?

What is a ha flag code?

9B is a reenlistment code indicating you have an adverse action, drug abuse, or alcohol abuse flag in place. Being that you HA flag code indicates you are in your punishment phase, and by AR 600-8-2, you can be reassigned, I am not sure if the 9B should be removed when punishment phase starts or when it ends.

What is an HA flag army?

During the punishment phase of UCMJ action, the flag code is changed to H. When UCMJ processing and corrective action has been completed, flags are lifted and the soldier is eligible for favorable personnel actions.

How long does an adverse action flag last?

Active flags will then be reviewed and validated at least monthly by a soldier’s unit commander, and by the battalion-level commander when the flag has been in place for more than six months. Flags will be removed within three working days after a soldier’s status changes from unfavorable to favorable.

Can you be flagged without being counseled?

Yes, there is a requirement to counsel. However the failure to counsel in a timely manner does not impact the flag action nor should it typically have a significant impact on a complaint.

Can a flagged Soldier take leave?

To my knowledge a Flag only stops advanced or excess leave. Normal leave is a benefit (meaning it is earned as part of your compensation), not an privilege. Therefore it can only be stopped in rare cases. For example, the command can disapprove leave if they could prove you are a flight risk for AWOL.

What does 9Z mean on my ERB?

9Z | Weight; does not meet acceptable weight standards.

Can a flagged Soldier deploy?

Bottom Line. No the flag cannot prevent your deployment forward.

Can you ETS if you are flagged?

Overweight flagged Soldiers who are permanently changing station (PCS) or have expiring terms of service (ETS) are not authorized to be recommended for or receive awards while they are flagged. These actions should be processed as separate and distinct actions from the award recommendation.

Can Soldiers PCS while flagged?

Can I PCS if I am Flagged? Flags may prevent Soldiers from PCSing to his or her next duty station if it is in the best interests of the Army for the Soldier to remain in his or her current unit until cleared of ongoing actions. In this case, the flag will remain in place at the Soldier’s gaining unit.

What army flags are transferable?

Department of Army-directed reassignment of flagged Soldier, movement of adverse action into the punishment phase, Army Physical Fitness Test failure, entry into the Weight Control Program, and command-referral to the Army Substance Abuse Program are all examples of transferable flags.

What does the ha mean on a flag?

The HA, is a flag signifying punishment phase of an adverse action (that one, if you have not been awarded punishment, might be incorrect).

What does flag stand for in the Army?

Personnel Actions (Flag)) for code W suspension of favorable personnel actions (Headquarters Department of the Army involuntary separation or discharge) for officers identified to Show Cause for retention by a Headquarters, Department of the Army centralized promotion selection board or who have failed to initiate or

What is the code for the United States flag?

The following is the text of the found in United States Code Title 4 Chapter 1. §1. Flag; stripes and stars on The flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be fifty stars representing the fifty states, white in a blue field

What are the rules for displaying the US flag?

The rules for handling and displaying the U.S. Flag are defined by a law known as the U.S. Flag Code. We have excerpted the federal regulations here without any changes so you can find the facts here. The following is the text of the found in United States Code Title 4 Chapter 1.