What is a good 5K time for a college athlete?

What is a good 5K time for a college athlete?

Men’s Cross Country

5K Under 16:10 Under 17:20
10K Under 35:45 Under 39:45

How fast do you need to run to go D1?

Second, just a rough estimate but in order to run top tier D1 (stanford, oregon) you need sub 4:10 mile, sub 9:00 2 mile. Less strong D1 will need around 4:20 and 9:20. D2 will range anywhere from 4:25 for schools like Adams St. and Western St. to 4:50 for the weaker teams.

How many miles do D1 cross-country runners run a week?

While most high school athletes will never run more than 50 miles a week, the average healthy collegiate cross-country athlete logs anywhere from 70-100 miles a week. The mileage especially increases in the summer months where building a huge aerobic base is the key to a successful season.

Can you run cross country at the college level?

If you do not have the appropriate GPA and ACT/SAT test score, you will not be able pass the NCAA clearinghouse standards and you will not be able to run track or cross country at the college level in your first year.

Are there any NCAA Division 3 cross country scholarships?

All scholarship numbers are based on a fully funded program. Not all programs use the maximum number of scholarships. Also, many schools have requirements on the number of scholarship they can use on out-of-state and international athletes. *NCAA Division 3 schools do not offer athletic scholarships, but they do offer other forms of financial aid.

What’s the fastest mile you can run in cross country?

Although far from a set rule, it seems that most coaches allow runners to try out for teams as long as they can run a 4:40 mile and/or a 9:50 two mile. Of course, having a great cross-country resume can help convince a coach to give you chance.

What’s the best cross country time for girls?

For girls, the general rule for Division 1 programs are: 800m: 2:25, mile: 5:30, 2 mile: 11:40, and 5K: 19:30 Again, there are no set guidelines, and there might be many people that disagree with me that these are the appropriate times, so you owe it to yourself to contact coaches personally and ask them what their standards are.