What is a CSR customer?

What is a CSR customer?

A customer service representative (CSR) – also called an agent – is a person who works in a call or contact center and helps customers with their issues. They may do this using a variety of channels, including phone, chat, email and social media.

What is the ATT code?

Enter a code on your phone, get a text update

Star Services codes for AT wireless
English code
Check your data 2 and messaging usage. *3282# (*DATA#)
Check your remaining minutes balance. 3 *646# (*MIN#)
Check your balance, get next bill due date, and last payment received. *225# (*BAL#)

How can I get my PAC code from AT?

To reach out to the Port Activation Center (PAC), the number is 888-898-7685. You can also check your port in status online. Have a great one!

What is the AT access number?

Within the U.S. and Canada, the AT access number is 1-800-CALL-ATT®.

What is philippines phone number code?

Philippines/Dialing codes

Where is the 2 digit PLAN code AT?

Find the 2-digit plan code on your phone package. Enter *123*, your ZIP Code*, the 2-digit plan code, then # on your phone’s keypad. For example: If your ZIP Code is 90210 and your 2-digit plan code is 87, you’d enter *123*90210*87#.

How do I find my AT validation code?

Get a Validation Code

  1. Receive a phone call to the main number we have on file, or one of the other working numbers billed to that account.
  2. A letter via U.S. Mail to the address we have on record.
  3. An email to the email address we have on record.

How to request a CSR from an at & T LSP?

When an LSP requests a CSR for an AT local customer, the Requesting LSP must complete the Customer Service Information Request (CSIR) form. The form can be filled out and submitted online. AT will accept CSR requests from LSPs acting as an authorized agent for the customer.

How does at & T CSR work with kids?

AT and @khanacademy are focused on learning gains – not losses – and closing the #HomeworkGap. The #DigitalDivide impacts kids across the nation. To see this divide from a filmmaker’s lens, check out this year’s @ATT Youth Voices Collective winning video.

What are the at & T contract service codes?

Contract Services data transmission capability (9.6K) Contract Services data transmission capability (56K) Contract Services data transmission capability (1.544M) AT Serving Office Switch Connection (CPA) (obsolete) [ Help Index | Top of Circuit Service Code Tables | Top of Page | Glossary ]

Where to contact at & T local number portability for business?

The AT Business and AT Consumer VoIP Services CSR Center is the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all AT Local Business and AT Consumer VoIP Services CSR requests. Contact this center as follows: