What is a bidirectional pump?

What is a bidirectional pump?

Axial- and radial-piston pumps can output fluid from either port while rotating in one direction. Closed-loop circuits take advantage of this feature of piston pumps. A closed-loop pump circuit sends fluid to an actuator while fluid from the same device comes back to the pump’s inlet.

How do bi directional pumps work?

The bidirectional hydraulic pump of the invention comprises a hydraulic body comprising an inlet port which receives a water flow, a first outlet port and a second outlet port, and an impeller housed in said hydraulic body causing the water flow to move in either one direction or the other.

What are the different types of pumps for pumping water?

The various domestic pumps are:

  • Self-Prime Regenerative Pumps.
  • Centrifugal Pumps.
  • Submersible Pumps.
  • Bore Well Compressor Pumps.
  • Pressure Booster Pumps.
  • Shallow Well Pumps.
  • Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps.
  • Submersible Pumps.

Which pump is best for irrigation?

Horizontal centrifugal pumps are the most common for irrigation. They generally offer lower cost, require less maintenance and are easier to install and inspect for maintenance than other types.

What is a bidirectional motor?

Description. This is a simple and easy to construct circuit that can be used to provide a bidirectional drive to a DC motor. The motor is connected between the two poles of the relay contacts. The relay contacts are so wired as to reverse the DC supply to the motor when the contacts changeover.

Which pump is used for high pressure?

Generally, a radial-flow pump operates at higher pressures and lower flow rates than an axial- or a mixed-flow pump.

What size pump do I need for irrigation?

To determine the correct sprinkler pump size, you’ll first need to figure out how many sprinkler heads you have along with their GPM (gallons-per-minute) and PSI (pounds-per-square-inch) requirements. All sprinkler heads are rated at a specific GPM and PSI.

How do you test a bidirectional motor?

As soon as you touch the end of the jumper wire to the A post of the motor, the motor should start to spin in the counter clockwise or clockwise direction. If the motor fails to spin, then the motor is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Which circuit is used in bidirectional control of dc motor?

Combining armature resistance cancellation (via positive current feedback) with a motion-reversing H-bridge circuit topology offers a new twist in dc servo motor speed control.

Is the Fairbanks Nijhuis biflow pump horizontal or bi directional?

Biotechnology Soft drinks Sugar Technical data Q max 300.0 m³/h H max 150.0 m Design Sturdy rotary lobe pump in hygienic design, bi – directional operation possible, horizontal The Fairbanks Nijhuis BiFlow pump is a bi – directional, in-line ballast / anti-heeling pump.

What kind of pump is a bi-directional pump?

Bronze Gear Pump, Gunmetal Gear Pump Fluid Tech Systems offer “ROTOFLUID” brand gear pump Model “FTGM” (Bronze Gear Pump, Gunmetal Gear Pump, Colour … Biotechnology Soft drinks Sugar Technical data Q max 300.0 m³/h H max 150.0 m Design Sturdy rotary lobe pump in hygienic design, bi – directional operation possible, horizontal

Is the piusi MP 180 an air operated pump?

PIUSI MP 180 PIUSI MP 180 is an air operated pump for transferring AdBlue®, fuel, windscreen and water. The Piusi MP 180 pneumatic pump with double diaphragm, designed to ensure maximum reliability

What kind of pump is a flexible impeller?

The flexible impeller pump is a positive displacement pump which utilizes a flexible bladed impeller. Pumping action is accomplished as the impeller rotates within … radial loads which permits to drive the pump using a pulley or a drive gear (spur or helical) installed on the pump shaft.