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What happens to scout in Waterloo Road?

What happens to scout in Waterloo Road?

After speaking to Scout, Tina goes into cardiac arrest. Scout watches as the doctors use a defibrillator to try and revive Tina but she sadly dies, her time of death being 14:05. Scout runs from the hospital back to school to try and finish her test.

Who is Scout in Waterloo Road?

Katie McGlynn
Katie McGlynn (born 16 July 1993) is an English actress. She is known for her roles as Jodie “Scout” Allen in Waterloo Road (2011–2013) and Sinead Tinker in Coronation Street (2013–2020).

Does Scout get married in Waterloo Road?

Danilo Babicz was a student at Waterloo Road who appeared In Series 7 Episode 29. He was a Ukrainian asylum seeker who married Scout Allen in order to attain a visa to stay in the UK.

How old is Dynasty Barry?

19 years old
Barry is introduced as the drama’s new “bad boy” character. Au thought that this could make his character unpopular with the audience, but believed that those who disliked the character would still enjoy watching him. Barry is 19 years old and has been held back to continue his education.

Does Jess Fisher have her baby?

Jessica “Jess” Fisher is Karen Fisher’s middle child and youngest daughter….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Jessica Fisher
Sisters Bex Fisher
Romances Christopher Mead Finn Sharkey Jonah Kirby Dylan Hodge Aiden Scotcher
Children Unborn child with Aiden

Do Ronan and Vicki get back together?

Following a surprise wedding proposal to Vicki, Ronan was devastated to learn that his fiancée was having an affair with his best friend, Aiden and pregnant with his baby. Later when Vicki miscarried, it was Ronan who was there to offer comfort and support and the end of the series saw them rekindle their relationship.

Where does the TV series Waterloo Road take place?

Waterloo Road is an award-winning, action-packed British drama series set in a challenging inner-city school.

How old is Scout Allen in Waterloo Road?

Scout joins Waterloo Road in Series 7, episode 7. She liv es with her mother and younger brother, Liam (age 4), in a squalid flat on a rundown estate. Her mother doesn’t work and the benefits she receives are not enough to cover the debts.

Why does Scout want to return to Waterloo Road?

Scout cares for her friends and is desperate to do the right thing for them. We see Scout’s mother make a return to Waterloo Road, demanding to Scout that she can be a better mother. But when hiding her in the house from everyone, Scout realises she’s probably nicked everyone’s stuff as she used to do.

Who is the girl who plays scout in Waterloo Road?

Katie McGlynn, who plays Scout, has a very minor role as an extra in Series 4 Ep 11. Chlo Grainger cuts her hair as part of her hairdressing exam. McGlynn also appears as a student at Karla Bentham’s art exhibition in Series 4 Ep 12.