What happened to the Pandorica?

What happened to the Pandorica?

According to legend, the Pandorica was the prison of a warrior or goblin who dropped out of the sky and tore the world apart until a good wizard tricked it and locked it up.

Does Rory remember the 2000 years?

At the time Rory spent 2000 as a soldier, he was also an android (living plastic), which is how he survived 2000 years in the frist place. Therefore, while he could accrue memories he could not age, for example -nor could his pre-programmed personality change. He remained the same Rory, in every way, for 2000 years.

How did the Doctor originally get out of the pandorica?

How did the Doctor get out of the Pandorica? Rory let him out. Simple as that! Rory could only do that as the Doctor, who had already been let out of the box by Rory, came and told Rory to let him out.

What was inside the Pandorica?

In Amy’s room, River finds a story book about Pandora’s box and a children’s book about Roman Britain. River communicates this to the Doctor, warning him that the Pandorica must be a trap, created out of Amy’s memories. As the Doctor is sealed inside the Pandorica, every star in the sky goes supernova.

Why did the TARDIS explode?

Doctor Who confirmed the Silence was responsible for blowing up the TARDIS in season 5, but how they managed to accomplish this is still a mystery. The Silence, a religious sect of the space church called the Papal Mainframe, made the TARDIS explode at the end of season 5 of Doctor Who.

What does the Doctor whisper to himself?

A bewildered Amy wonders how the Doctor keeps vanishing, making him explain what the device on his wrist is: “cheap, and nasty time travel; it’s bad for you. I’m trying to give it up.” The Eleventh Doctor whispers to himself.

How did Rory Williams become the Last Centurion?

He becomes known as the “Last Centurion”, guarding the Pandorica wherever it is taken. The Auton Rory assists the Doctor, Amy, and River Song ( Alex Kingston) in saving the universe from the explosion that caused the cracks in time.

What was the interior of the Pandorica like?

It was lined with a very ornate and complex set of security tumblers that glowed green when they were being unlocked, likening the Pandorica to a heavily vaulted safe. The interior was a small room with a chair in it and a set of manacles built into the arm rests.

Why was the Doctor trapped in the Pandorica?

The Pandorica was actually a prison built by the Alliance for the Doctor to stop him from inadvertently destroying all of creation in every Universe. They believed the Doctor would be responsible for the destruction of existence itself. The Doctor is trapped in the Pandorica.

When did Rory Williams come out of the Pandorica?

Shortly before the Pandorica was opened, Rory reappeared as an Auton, waited for Amy to come out of the Pandorica for 1,894 years and was restored to a human after the second Big Bang. He went on to marry Amy and resumed travelling with her and the Doctor. During this time, his child, Melody Pond, was born.