What happened to Summit Media?

What happened to Summit Media?

It began as a consumer magazine publisher in June 1995, with Preview as its first magazine title. On April 11, 2018, Summit Media announced the impending closure of the last six printed magazines namely, Cosmopolitan, FHM, Preview, Top Gear, Town and Country (all relegated to their online portals) and Yes!

Who owns Summit Media Philippines?

the Gokongwei family
Summit Media is owned by the Gokongwei family, which also controls JG Summit Holdings, a food and beverage, airline, and real estate conglomerate. It is the first major Philippine publisher founded in print to make such a move, which comes on the back of a growing presence online.

What is Candy magazine all about?

Magazine Description: Candy is the no. 1 teen magazine in the Philippines. Every Filipina teen trusts that Candy, her bestest friend, will inspire her to make the most out of her teen years! The magazine features everything a Candy girl is passionate about: fashion, beauty, school, celebs, friends and boys.

Who owns Esquire magazine Philippines?

NEW YORK, October 5, 2011 – Hearst Magazines International, a unit of Hearst Corporation, today announced the launch of Esquire in the Philippines, marking the 23rd edition of the general-interest lifestyle magazine for sophisticated men.

Who is the owner of Summit?

Jeff Rosenthal – Co-Founder – Summit | LinkedIn.

Who owns Esquire Magazine Philippines?

How do you get featured in Candy magazine?

Ask Candy. We also want to be of help to you—whether it’s about love, friendship, fashion, beauty, or anything! All you have to do is talk to us via Twitter. Include the hashtag #AskCandy. Once we’ve hit the ♥ button, that means we’ve seen your question and you just might see it answered on the site.

Who owns Cosmopolitan magazine?

Hearst Communications
Cosmopolitan (magazine)

December 2020 cover featuring a pregnant Emma Roberts
Total circulation (2016) 3 million
First issue March 1886, New York City
Company Hearst Communications
Country United States

Is FHM still going?

Bauer Media has announced it is suspending publication of FHM magazine from the end of the year. FHM and Zoo are to close by the end of the year, marking the end of the lads’ mag era that dominated UK magazine publishing in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Why is FHM Philippines closed?

MANILA – The publisher of FHM is suspending the magazine’s publication after more than 30 years in circulation, it was announced on Tuesday. In a statement posted on its website, Bauer Media explained that “over time young men’s media habits have continually moved towards mobile and social.”

How big is Summit Media in the Philippines?

With over 31 million unique monthly users* visiting our 12 websites and 32 million more fans following our brands on social media platforms, Summit Media is the Philippines’ leading digital lifestyle network. Our unmatched access to and influence among specific audiences guarantee that you connect with exactly the market you aim to attract.

What kind of marketing company is SummitMedia digital?

SUMMITMEDIA, LLC IS AN INTEGRATED BROADCASTING, DIGITAL MEDIA, DIRECT MARKETING AND EVENTS COMPANY. SummitMedia Digital is a full service Digital Agency powered by SummitMedia, LLC. Our operations are local in presence and national in scale with offices in ten markets throughout the United States.

What makes Summit Media different from other media?

Creating Content. Fueling Passions. Engaging Audiences. Impactful visuals, engaging content, valuable information, and the pulse of what’s relevant and up to date continue to shape how we talk to our audience. Our brands continue to define the culture of society today.

What are some of the titles of Summit Media?

Cars, women, sports, humor, pop culture, technology, politics, business, style and grooming, health and fitness—our titles have got men’s myriad niche interests covered. Useful and informative titles that cover food, home, career, and parenting help moms of different ages manage not just their family lives, but their personal lives as well.