What happened to summer on 16 and Pregnant?

What happened to summer on 16 and Pregnant?

While on season five of “16 & Pregnant,” Summer Rewis and her husband, DJ, struggled to prepare for a baby. At the end of the episode, she gave birth to their son, Peyton Daniel. In August 2013, prior to the episode’s filming, Summer and DJ got married, though MTV referred to DJ as her boyfriend in the episode.

What happened to 16 and pregnant Maddy?

Maddy attempted to make things work with Jenson but he proved to be useless and cheated on her. She is raising her daughter on her own and is still single. She was able to move out on her own with her daughter Aubrey.

Are autumn and Dustin still together?

For starters, Autumn and Dustin are no longer together. The relationship ended following the pregnancy. Autumn Crittendon was a new addition to the 16 & Pregnant cast for Season 5. Fans met her and her baby daddy Dustin Frankline back in 2014.

Is Tyler and Nicole still together from 16 and Pregnant?

Since then, Nicole and Tyler have broken up, but co-parent their daughter. On March 31, 2016, Nicole gave birth to her second daughter, Scarlett Elizabeth with her boyfriend, Kenny Navarro. In February of 2018, Nicole and Kenny got married.

Are Brandon and Aubrey still together?

Update. So, Aubrey and Brandon are no longer together.

What year was Season 5 of 16 and pregnant?

Season 5 (16 and Pregnant)

Originally Aired: April 14, 2014 – June 16, 2014
Premiere: “Maddy”
Finale: “Savannah”
Cast: Maddy Godsey Autumm Crittendon Millina Kacmar Arianna Hazel Summer James Karley Deatherage Aleah Lebeouf Jazmin Young Jordan Cashmyer Savon Looney Courtney Ames Savannah Mooney

Who is pregnant on Season 2 of 16 and pregnant?

The couple got married and she announced in April that she was expecting baby number three! Lizzie Waller also appeared on season 2 of ’16 and pregnant’ with her at the time boyfriend Skylar Sickles. She gave birth to a baby girl in 2010 and the couple got married shortly after.

Who was knocked up on 16 and pregnant season 2?

Kayla appeared on season 2 of ’16 and pregnant’ after she got knocked up by her high school boyfriend J.R. who proposed to her on the show. She was very upset at the fact that her season of ’16 and pregnant did not get a spinoff.

Is the cast of 16 and pregnant grown up?

The 16 and Pregnant cast that we saw on MTV years ago have all grown up. Even some of the moms and the kids are unrecognizable! The Teen Mom franchise keeps up with a few select families from seasons one and two of the show, but what about the rest of the 16 and Pregnant families?

What happens in the finale of 16 and pregnant?

Watch all of the 16 and Pregnant families address the controversial topics that originated from Season One, along with updates on their ‘lives after labor,’ in the Finale Special, hosted by Dr. Drew.