What happened to John Paul and Craig?

What happened to John Paul and Craig?

The storyline revolved around John Paul struggling with his sexuality as he fell for best friend, Craig. Craig was written to initially reject John Paul, but “the two students eventually embarked on an affair which explosively came to light during a party to celebrate Craig’s engagement to aspiring model Sarah Barnes”.

What happened to Craig in Hollyoaks?

Burnet departed the role in September 2007 and returned to the show on 3 September 2008 in a storyline which saw Craig secure a “sunset ending” with John Paul McQueen (James Sutton). He made another appearance after his departure in spin-off show Hollyoaks Later in November 2008.

Who did John Paul have a baby with in Hollyoaks?

John Paul and Craig hired Chloe Chance as their surrogate, but nine months into her pregnancy, Craig split from John Paul and John Paul told Chloe that they no longer wanted the baby. Chloe gave birth to a son on Christmas Day 2012, and John Paul left him outside of 26 Leigh Road, where Jacqui McQueen found him.

Who is James Sutton married to?

Rachael Sutton
He married his fiancée Rachael Sutton on 22 September 2018.

Why did Ste and John Paul split?

John Paul tries to support Ste through his addiction but later decides to end their relationship. The pair reconcile and they marry. Their happiness was cut short, when he discovers that not only did Ste impregnate Sinead, he also has HIV.

Why did Ste and John Paul break up?

After his return, John Paul had two tumultuous relationships with Doug Carter and Danny Lomax, but his relationship with Ste Hay was the strongest despite John Paul being sexually assaulted by pupil Finn O’Connor. He and Ste later married but the marriage broke down when Ste discovered he was HIV positive.

Who plays John Paul’s boyfriend in Hollyoaks?

It seems John Paul will embark on a relationship with Doug Carter (PJ Brennan), after a tumultuous start, the two sleep together.

How tall is JP from Craig of the creek?

John Paul “J.P.” Mercer is a tall, Southern accented 10-year-old boy who is one of Craig’s friends. He wears a hockey jersey that is clearly too big for him….

J.P. Mercer
First appearance “Craig of the Creek” (2017)
Created by Matt Burnett Ben Levin
Voiced by H. Michael Croner
Age 11

Who is John Paul’s sons mum?

John Paul later tells Danny that he will not be treated badly, but they soon begin dating. Matthew’s mother, Chloe, (Susan Loughnane) arrives and claims Craig is Matthew’s father. She demands money or she will fight for custody, but a DNA test proves John Paul as the father.

Who is Matthews mum?

Storylines. Chloe arrives in the village and quickly befriends Theresa McQueen (Jorgie Porter). However, when she meets John Paul McQueen (James Sutton), she is soon revealed to be Matthew’s mother and claims to want to visit her son.

Who plays John Paul McQueen?

James SuttonHollyoaks
John Paul McQueen/Played by

Who is John Paul’s son?

Matthew-Jesus McQueen
He is also the biological father of their son Matthew-Jesus McQueen. Born in 1989, John Paul grew up without a father and was mostly raised by his mother Myra with his five sisters; John Paul would never know his father, who had transitioned into a woman, until later in his life.

Who is the actor who plays Craig in Hollyoaks?

Craig (Guy Burnet, left) and John Paul (James Sutton, right). John Paul McQueen and Craig Dean are fictional characters and a supercouple from the long-running British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks. John Paul is portrayed by James Sutton, and Craig is portrayed by Guy Burnet.

Who is in love with John Paul in Hollyoaks?

Craig announces to his family that he is in love with John Paul. Craig’s announcement leads to a show-down style confrontation between the McQueen family and the Dean family, from which John Paul and Craig run away and discuss their feelings for each other.

Why did John Paul and Craig break up?

HOLLYOAKS lovebirds John Paul McQueen and Craig Dean have again been torn apart – with the sensational split all due to events off-screen. The boss of the Chanel 4 soap, which first brought the characters together in a same-sex romance plot in 2007, has let slip how actor Guy Burnet chose not to return.

Who are the actors that play in Hollyoaks?

Craig and John Paul (Guy Burnet and James Sutton). John Paul McQueen and Craig Dean are fictional characters and a supercouple from the long-running British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks. John Paul is portrayed by James Sutton, and Craig is portrayed by Guy Burnet.