What happened between Kyle and Maci?

What happened between Kyle and Maci?

Kyle King dated Maci Bookout following her relationship with Ryan Edwards. During their relationship, Bookout and her son, Bentley, moved to Nashville to live with King, much to Edwards’ dismay. The pair eventually broke up when Bookout saw inappropriate messages between King and other women.

How much is Maci and Taylor Worth?

Maci Bookout Maci’s net worth is reportedly between $1.5 and $2 million, according to Cheatsheet. The OG, 29, currently earns an impressive $500,000 per season. She and her husband, Taylor McKinney, also own a clothing company called Things That Matter.

Did Maci cheat Kyle?

The show began with Maci revealing that she and Kyle, who had purchased a house together just five months earlier, were no longer a couple. She said that he’d “cheated,” and he left the proof on her computer. When Kyle joined his ex on stage, however, he denied cheating.

When did Kyle and Maci breakup?

July 2011 — Maci and Kyle King break up and reports surface that Maci and Ryan are trying to rekindle their relationship. However, Maci and Kyle get back together shortly after their split. February 2012 — Maci and Kyle King break up again. At the time, rumors surfaced that Maci wanted to get married and Kyle did not.

When did Maci and Kyle break up on Teen Mom?

Maci’s final breakup with Kyle King happened in late 2012. The main reason for the breakup was being cited as Kyle’s infidelity. Allegedly, Maci caught him sending unfiltered messages to other girls on Facebook. It’s unclear if Maci and Kyle still remain in touch, but one thing is for sure – they both moved on.

What is Briana DeJesus salary?

Briana DeJesus ‘ DeJesus made it to ‘Teen Mom 2’ and started filming for season 8 of the show. According to some reports, she made an estimated $20,000 for her first season on the show.

How is Farrah Abraham rich?

Farrah Abraham Net Worth: Farrah Abraham is an American aspiring model, singer, writer, and reality television personality who has a net worth of $1 million. She has earned her net worth through her work as a reality television star on the MTV series “Teen Mom,” and from the release of a sex tape in 2013.

When did Maci and Kyle split?

March 2012 — Maci begins dating motocross star Kyle Regal, whom she met through his older sister. May 2012 — Maci and Kyle Regal split after he allegedly asks Maci’s friend (who he didn’t know was her friend) for nude photos.