What happened at Ballyseedy in Kerry March 1923?

What happened at Ballyseedy in Kerry March 1923?

The Ballyseedy massacre and its aftermath. March 1923 saw a series of notorious incidents in Kerry, where 23 Republican prisoners were killed in the field (and another five judicially executed) in a period of just four weeks.

What happened at Ballyseedy?

Ballyseedy Massacre The townland was the scene of an atrocity in the Irish Civil War, in which eight anti-Treaty IRA prisoners were killed by their captors, members of the Free State forces.

What was happening in 1923 Ireland?

The Irish Civil War (Irish: Cogadh Cathartha na hÉireann; 28 June 1922 – 24 May 1923) was a conflict that followed the Irish War of Independence and accompanied the establishment of the Irish Free State, an entity independent from the United Kingdom but within the British Empire.

What was the name of the leader of the IRA shot dead in 1923?

Michael Collins (Irish leader)

Michael Collins Irish: Mícheál Ó Coileáin
Military service
Nickname(s) The Big Fellow
Allegiance Revolutionary Irish Republic Irish Republican Brotherhood Irish Volunteers Irish Republican Army National Army
Years of service 1909–1922

What ended the Irish Civil War?

June 28, 1922 – May 24, 1923
Irish Civil War/Periods

Who was the last person to be hanged in Ireland?

Michael Manning
Capital punishment in the Republic of Ireland was abolished in statute law in 1990, having been abolished in 1964 for most offences including ordinary murder. The last to be executed was Michael Manning, hanged for murder in 1954.

Who was in charge in Ireland in 1923?

1923 Irish general election

Leader Denis Gorey Thomas Johnson
Party Farmers’ Party Labour
Leader since 1922 1922
Leader’s seat Carlow–Kilkenny Dublin County
Last election 7 seats 16 seats

When was the Irish potato famine?

Great Famine/Start dates
Between 1845 and 1855 more than 1.5 million adults and children left Ireland to seek refuge in America. Most were desperately poor, and many were suffering from starvation and disease. They left because disease had devastated Ireland’s potato crops, leaving millions without food.

How many black and tans died in Ireland?

Some sources have stated that 525 police were killed in the conflict, including 152 Black and Tans and 44 Auxiliaries. This figure of total police killed would also include 72 members of the Ulster Special Constabulary killed between 1920 and 1922 and 12 members of the Dublin Metropolitan Police.