What guitar did Slash give back to Joe Perry?

What guitar did Slash give back to Joe Perry?

Good Samaritan Slash On Conan, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry tells the heartwarming story of how hard times forced him to sell his beloved 1959 Gibson Les Paul – the one he used for every iconic Aerosmith song of the 1970’s – and how a random Slash centerfold in a guitar magazine brought it back to him.

How did Slash get Joe Perrys guitar?

When Slash first saw Joe Perry’s 1959 Les Paul in the gatefold of Aerosmith’s 1978 Live! One day, Perry’s bandmate Brad Whitford saw Slash posing with the guitar in Guitar Player magazine and brought the photo to Perry’s attention. Thus began Perry’s all-out effort to get the guitar back.

Who is on Joe Perrys guitar?

In his 2014 memoir Rocks: My Life In And Out of Aerosmith, Perry reveals that he has a guitar with his wife’s picture on it. “I was always kind of a one-girl guy, and I was always looking for the right girl. I finally found her [wife Billie Perry]. We have a 30-year marriage, and we’re still going strong,” Perry wrote.

What kind of amp does Aerosmith use?

However, the core of his tone is the PRS amp in the center. It is one of two of Paul Reed Smith’s personal favorite amps that was loaned to Whitford for this tour.

Who is Joe Perry’s wife?

Billie Paulette Montgomerym. 1985
Elyssa Jerretm. 1975–1982
Joe Perry/Wife

Personal life. Perry was married to Elyssa Jerret from 1975 to 1982. Together they had a son, Adrian. With his second wife, Billie, whom he married in 1985, he has two sons, Tony and Roman.

What guitar did Aerosmith use?

Joe Perry has used six-string basses for a lot of his Aerosmith career. His first six-string bass showed up on the 1976 album “Rocks.” When he first helped write the album, he used a Fender Bass IV, another six-string bass.

Is Steve Perry related to Joe Perry?

Also, are Joe Perry of Aerosmith and former Journey frontman Steve Perry related? And it may be quite an old rock tale, but Joe Perry and Steve Perry aren’t brothers. Joe Perry, guitarist for Aerosmith, was born in Lawrence, Mass., while former Journey vocalist Steve Perry is from Hanford, Calif.

What is Joe Perry’s favorite guitar?

Perry has a collection of about 600 guitars. He prefers Gibson guitars, particularly the Les Paul, with a few models even recreated by the manufacturer as part of their Signature series. One of those, a 1959 Gibson Les Paul, had to be sold by Perry during his 1982 divorce.

What kind of guitar solos does slash play?

Truth be told, you could throw a dart at Saul ‘Slash ’ Hudson’s back catalogue and odds are you’d hit a song with a kick-ass guitar solo on it.

What kind of guitar does slash play in Velvet Revolver?

Velvet Revolver – Fall To Pieces (Contraband, 2004) This beautiful big ballad’s gentle intro and structure hark back to Sweet Child O’ Mine, and Fall To Pieces sees Slash key into some period, Paul Kossoff -style tones during his brief, fat guitar break.

What was the name of slash’s high school song?

“Slash!” Lenny Kravitz says, announcing the guitarist’s moment in the spotlight on this funky, 70s-inflected monster. The two stars had been to high school together and Slash had already contributed a screaming lo-fi salvo to Mama Said ’s opening track Fields Of Joy.

Who was the guitar player for Slash on Jacko?

Slash’s ‘Special Guitar Contribution’ to this louring UK No.2 hit for Jacko enhances the song’s bitter, love-burned theme. Guitarists Bill Bottrell and Jim Mitchell lay down the rhythm parts here, with Slash’s unmistakeable tone kicking in around 1.30, as he adds his voice to the riff and kicks things up an emotional notch.