What Enneagram goes with INTJ?

What Enneagram goes with INTJ?

A significant proportion of INTJs identified 5 as their Enneagram type.

Can INTJ be Enneagram 8?

Type 8: The core desire of this type is to control the external environment. The core fear of this type is to be controlled. Out of this emerges the attitude of a conqueror.

Can INTJ and INTP be friends?

Can INTPs and INTJs be friends? Yes, they can absolutely be friends. They have a lot in common, tend to value the same things and will see the world in a similar way.

What is an INTJ 6w5 like?

Enneagram 6w5 is a very intellectual and anxiety-focused enneatype, as both the main type and the wing are in the Head centre, and thus have fear as core emotion. INTJ 6w5′s dominant Ni is channeled into this anxiety and search for security, which may lead to paranoia and nihilism in unhealthy individuals.

Are INTJs high strung?

INTJs are hardworking and motivated people, who rarely appear high strung to others. INTJs do have some internal stress, but they find ways to handle and manage that stress. They really aren’t high strung people, because they prefer to be prepared and confident in their choices and abilities.

Do INTP like INTJ?

INTPs are more likely to trust INTJs who know when to give INTPs space and freedom to explore new ideas. INTJs should allow INTPs to work at their own pace and trust that they will provide positive results. INTJs are likely to trust INTPs who can listen and follow through on set goals.

Are INTJs compatible with INTJs?

How can INTJ types work together? They can work well with other INTJs on the condition that they each make an effort to be considerate of the other. They are creative, thoughtful, and organized, working intently to accomplish a goal. Teams of accommodating INTJs can be very productive, efficient, and successful.

Can INTJ be 5w4?

Generally speaking, INTJs are more apt to have a 6 wing (i.e., 5w6) and INTPs a 4 wing (i.e., 5w4). The 5w4 is the more subjective Five subtype. Like the Enneagram type 4, 5w4s are driven to understand their own personality, routinely exploring their identity and life’s purpose.

Can INTJs be 9w1?

Cromwell in Wolf Hall is an INTJ 9w1. These INTJs are more mild mannered and not as inclined to start arguments; they find pleasant ways to assert their opinions and have an overall sense of calm about them, but still stick to the facts and see the bigger picture.

What kind of relationship does an INTJ have?

INTJ Relationships. In romance, people with the INTJ personality type approach things the way they do with most situations: they compose a series of calculated actions with a predicted and desirable end goal – a healthy long-term relationship. Rather than falling head over heels in a whirlwind of passion and romance,…

Can you get 5w8 on an enneagram?

So, I am an INTJ in Myers-Briggs, and when I take Enneagram, I come out with 5 and 8 evenly matched. Supposedly, this doesn’t exist, but I don’t believe it.

What kind of Enneagram is an INTJ two?

Two is one of the rarer enneagram types among INTJs. INTJ Twos use their insight and quick-thinking abilities to help people. They give advice, step in when there’s a problem and try to solve it.

Do you think an INTJ is a robot?

INTJs aren’t robots. We have deep and powerful emotions like any human. Sometimes those emotions even show up in sudden outbursts, especially if we feel a sense of violation or unfairness. But most of the time, we keep our emotions inside.