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What engine is in a Smart Roadster?

What engine is in a Smart Roadster?

The Roadster is powered by 45 or 60 kW (61 or 82 PS) versions of the turbocharged 698cc 3-cylinder Suprex engine in the rear, which is engineered by Mercedes-Benz. The Roadster Coupé has only the more powerful 60 kW (82 PS; 80 hp) engine.

Are smart roadsters any good?

Smart Roadster rivals Despite its sporty looks, it’s not actually very quick – but that’s not the appeal. It’s light, handles superbly and is fun to chuck around corners; the low-slung driving position gives you a feeling of being in the thick of the action – just like a true sports car should.

How safe is Smart Roadster?

There are two airbags, too and the body incorporates a strong safety cell to protect in an accident. Side airbags are optional on the standard model, but standard on the Brabus. Immobiliser and remote central locking are standard. The Coupe gets a hard top as standard for extra security plus alarm and immobiliser.

Who makes smart car engines?

Smart Fortwo – Renault The Smart Fortwo is a car from the Daimler Group, owner of Mercedes-Benz. However, some 60 percent of its components are shared with the Renault Twingo. Under its body, it has gasoline engines, shared with some Renault and Dacia models.

Is Smart car made by Mercedes?

A subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz and parent company Daimler, Smart first arrived in the U.S. in 2008 and sold nearly 25,000 copies of the Fortwo in its first year. Mercedes-Benz says that dealerships will continue to provide service and parts for current owners of both gasoline- and electric-powered Smart Fortwo models.

What kind of engine does a Smart Roadster have?

For the time being the Smart’s 700cc engine also remains stock; only the ECU has been tuned with higher boost pressure to accommodate longer gear ratios in the swapped manual gearbox. In testing, it has performed well with 1.5bar (22psi) of boost, but whether that much is even needed on the ice remains to be seen.

When was the Smart Roadster sports car made?

The Roadster was basically Smart ’s only attempt to create a sports car. It was developed in two different versions, Roadster Coupe and Roadster, both featuring two doors, two seats, and retractable roof. When and where was it made? The model was introduced in 2003 and remained in production until November 2005.

What kind of engine does Smart Roadster Brabus have?

Smart Roadster Brabus Specs Smart Roadster Brabus Engine Technical D Smart Roadster Brabus Engine Technical D Engine type – Number of cylinders : Inline 3 Engine Code : – Fuel type : Petrol Fuel System : MPI

Is it possible to tune a Smart Roadster?

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