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What element is Khezu?

What element is Khezu?


MH4-Khezu Render 001.jpg
Species Flying Wyvern
Location(s) Frozen Seaway, Arctic Ridge, Marshlands
Element Weakness(es) Fire
Afflicted Element(s) Thunder

Is the Khezu in Monster Hunter world?

Khezu are one of the few (if not the only) Wyverns in the Monster Hunter world that do not activate the “Yellow Eye” status on the hunter. This could be considered a disadvantage due to the fact that it does not allow a hunter to do a panic dive to avoid attacks.

Is Red Khezu stronger than Khezu?

The fact that Red Khezu is available at the exact same time as regular Khezu does the latter a lot of damage. This variant has a higher Crit Rate and higher attack in every element except Water.

How do you beat Khezu in mh4u?

Tips against Khezu?

  1. Attack from the sides when is doing his electric bolts, or stretch bites.
  2. Wait for openings, stay away from it when it is electrified.
  3. Have nulberries on hand (cure paralysis)
  4. Use fire to bring it down, and/or inflict poison to whittle its health.

Can Khezu be paralyzed?

Khezu can inflict 2 damaging status effects: stun and paralysis.

What is Khezu weakness?

Given that the Khezu is weak to fire and deals thunder damage, we recommend heading in with these pieces of gear: Weapons: Basarios tree, Anjanath tree, Hand-Me-Down tree.

Is Khezu weak to poison?

Poison is the only 3-star ailment that can be inflicted on Khezu. Bring some Poison Smoke Bombs with you and try to use them when it is weak. Blast and Fireblight are also good here.

What is the Red Khezu weakness?

Abilities. The Red Khezu behaves much like an ordinary Khezu; however, it is capable of using a unique neck-thrusting attack. This subspecies, interestingly, is immune to Fire and weak to Water, unlike the Khezu.

How do you fight Khezu?

The best elemental type to use against Khezu is by far Fire Weapons, which are very effective on the head, neck, and torso areas. Most other weapon types do very little damage, so a pure damage output weapon without elementals may fair better if you do not have a Fire Weapon.

How do I block Khezu roar?

This can deal a lot of damage if you don’t have HG Earplugs to block this roar. Khezu will also make electric attacks frequently. Khezu charges electricity in his mouth and then slams it down on the ground giving electric shocks in a straight line. You can dodge it if you are careful and keep an eye on Khezu.

How do I beat Khezu?