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What does the sign Trenton Makes the World Takes mean?

What does the sign Trenton Makes the World Takes mean?

The city’s iconic slogan — “Trenton Makes, the World Takes” — first came out of a contest by the local chamber of commerce in 1910 to capture the essence of the once-thriving manufacturing city. “The slogan was meant to reflect Trenton’s early history as an East Coast industrial center.

How old is the Trenton Makes the World Takes bridge?

The current 1,022-foot bridge is a five-span Warren Truss built in 1928. The roadway consists of two lanes: a lane in each direction separated by the center truss. The substructure — originally built in 1804, widened and raised in 1874 — consists of stone masonry.

Where is the Trenton Makes the World Takes bridge?

Lower Trenton Bridge/Location

What is the slogan for the Battle of Trenton?

Trenton Makes, the World
‘Trenton Makes, the World Takes’: History of a Slogan : NPR.

What is Trenton famous for?

Known as the site of George Washington’s first victory over the Redcoats in the War of Independence, Trenton, New Jersey, still maintains some of its colonial charm. The city is the state capital and is the namesake of William Trent, one of its leading landowners.

What is made in Trenton?

The industries of the city are well diversified, but Trenton is especially noted for its manufacture of pottery, both sanitary and dinner ware, rubber goods, both hard and soft, wire and cable, steel products and linoleum.

What type of bridge is the Trenton bridge?

Truss bridge
Lower Trenton Bridge/Bridge type

What is weight limit on Trenton Makes bridge?

The maximum weight limit on the bridge is five tons; the maximum vertical clearance is ten feet; and the length of the bridge is 1,022 feet.

What is Trenton known for?

Trenton served as the temporary capital of the United States in 1784 and again in 1799; the city became the capital of New Jersey in 1790. Discover how New Jersey’s industrial might, exemplified by the Trenton Iron Works, contributed to the Union military effort during the American Civil War.

Who won Trenton?

General George Washington’s
General George Washington’s army crossed the icy Delaware on Christmas Day 1776 and, over the course of the next 10 days, won two crucial battles of the American Revolution. In the Battle of Trenton (December 26), Washington defeated a formidable garrison of Hessian mercenaries before withdrawing.

What was the significance of the Battle Trenton?

Significance of the Battle of Trenton: The significance of the conflict was that the Hessian army was crushed in Washington’s raid across the Delaware River and the Americans were invigorated by the easy defeat of the British Hessian forces.

What Trenton Makes?

It is known as the Trenton Makes Bridge because of large lettering of its motto on the south side reading “TRENTON MAKES THE WORLD TAKES”, installed in 1935. In addition to being an important bridge from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, it is a major landmark in the city of Trenton.