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What does Recto Verso mean?

What does Recto Verso mean?

The front or face of a single sheet of paper, or the right-hand page of an open book is called the recto. The back or underside of a single sheet of paper, or the left-hand page of an open book is known as the verso.

Is Recto Verso double sided?

A recto-verso drawing is a sheet with drawings on both sides, for example in a sketchbook—although usually in these cases there is no obvious primary side. Some works are planned to exploit being on two sides of the same piece of paper, but usually the works are not intended to be considered together.

What are the two sides of a page called?

A sheet of paper has two sides — the front and the back.

What does recto Folio mean?

In the discussion of manuscripts, a folio means a leaf with two pages, the recto being the first the reader encounters, and the verso the second.

What does recto mean in medical terms?

, rect- [L. rectum (intestinum), straight (intestine)] Prefixes meaning rectum, rectal.

What does signed verso mean?

Verso is the Latin for reverse or back of an object. It is also the name for the left-hand page of an open book or manuscript. When collectors read that a work of art is signed on the Verso, it means that the artist has preferred to sign her work on the back.

What is a verso page of a book?

the reverse or opposite or left-hand side, especially used in reference to a leaf which has a recto and verso side; in a open book the recto is the right hand page and the verso is the left hand page; in the case of a broadside only the recto is printed and the verso is blank.

Why does a book have a flyleaf?

In hardback books one half is pasted to the inside of the cover and the other half is free- this is sometimes known as the flyleaf. They serve to hold the cover and the text together. The endpapers used to be marbled and are now often decorated in some way, or have information such as maps.

What does Recto mean in medical terms?

Where does the word recto come from?

recto (n.) “right-hand page in an open book” (opposed to verso or reverso), 1824, from Latin recto (in recto folio), ablative of rectum “right” (see right (adj. 2)).

What Does Chol E mean in medical terms?

Chole- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “bile” or “gall.” It is often used in medical terms, especially in physiology.

How do you use verso in a sentence?

Most of her paintings post-1950 were created on masonite and often signed on the front and verso; often with an artist’s paper label. The verso side is a list of payments in two columns. The biblical text is on the side verso. The second folio’s verso side displays the incipit.