What does it mean to be devastatingly handsome?

What does it mean to be devastatingly handsome?

​in a very impressive and powerful way. a devastatingly handsome man.

What does handsome mean to a woman?

When a woman is described as handsome, it suggests that she is very good-looking, and also healthy and strong. Handsome is less likely to be used to describe a woman who is petite or delicate.

What does handsome reward mean?

Large in amount or measure; generous or considerable: a handsome reward; won by a handsome margin. 3.

What is the real definition of handsome?

1 : having a pleasing and usually impressive or dignified appearance. 2 : moderately large : sizable a painting that commanded a handsome price. 3 : marked by skill or cleverness : adroit. 4 : marked by graciousness or generosity : liberal handsome contributions to charity.

What is the synonym of devastating?

(or cataclysmic), destructive, devastative, disastrous, ruinous.

Is devastatingly an adverb?

devastatingly adverb – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at

What is the difference between a handsome woman and a pretty woman?

Handsome and pretty are two different types of human attractiveness, with handsome being more rugged and angular, and pretty being softer and more delicate. We tend to associate handsome with masculine beauty and pretty with feminine beauty, but there are also pretty men and handsome women.

What does handsome mean to a guy?

1. The definition of handsome is someone (especially a man) who is good looking, something well made, or something substantial or generous. An example of handsome is an attractive male actor.

What does handsomely beautiful mean?

To do something handsomely is to do it in a way that looks attractive or pleasing. If you arrange a bouquet of flowers handsomely, they’ll look great even if they’re in a pickle jar instead of a fancy vase.

Is it most handsome or handsomest?

Comparative and Superlative of “Handsome” The rules call for handsomer and handsomest, but usage has changed over time. Modern speakers prefer more handsome to handsomer, and there is an even split between handsomest and most handsome.

How do you describe a handsome person?

Following is a list of strong adjectives that we use to describe handsome man. You can describe a hot guy using the adjectives like smoky, gallant, captivating, alluring, sensuous etc.