What does indirectly mean?

What does indirectly mean?

adjective. not in a direct course or path; deviating from a straight line; roundabout: an indirect course in sailing. coming or resulting otherwise than directly or immediately, as effects or consequences: an indirect advantage. not direct in action or procedure: His methods are indirect but not dishonest.

What does not to contact directly or indirectly mean?

When a bail condition says no contact either directly or indirectly, that means, no face to face meeting, no phone calls, text messages, emails, letters, chat on social media, not to get anyone else to do that for them etc.

When someone is indirectly mean?

adjective. 7. 1. The definition of indirect is a person or thing that is not straight, or not direct and honest.

What does it mean to be indirectly affected by something?

1 deviating from a direct course or line; roundabout; circuitous. 2 not coming as a direct effect or consequence; secondary.

What is the mean of directly?

adverb. in a direct line, way, or manner; straight: The path leads directly to the lake. at once; without delay; immediately: Do that directly. shortly; soon: They will be here directly. exactly; precisely: directly opposite the store.

What does indirect mean on twitter?

The Brief: An indirect is a message, post, or tweet that calls out a specific person or event without giving details.

What does it mean to contact someone directly?

Direct communication includes talking to someone in person, talking on the phone, sending text message to people, and similar ways of communicating. This is indirect communication. Indirect communication is also not allowed. A no contact condition usually means that you should not: talk in person.

What is direct vs indirect communication?

A communication style is the way in which we use language to share information with others. Direct communication happens when a speaker’s true intentions are communicated in his/her verbal message. Indirect communication happens when a speaker’s true intentions are hidden.

What does indirectly mean example?

indirectly adverb (not obvious ) without clearly mentioning or saying something: She was included indirectly as her husband’s name came up. The request had been made indirectly, through hints. More examples. Up to 60,000 jobs are directly or indirectly dependent on the car plant.

What does direct cause mean?

A direct cause is the result of physical contact with an object or hazardous substance and is usually the result of one or more unsafe acts, unsafe conditions or both. These unsafe acts and/or conditions are indirect causes, or symptoms.

Does directly mean immediately?

There is an important distinction between “immediately” and “directly” when used to describe when something happens. “Immediately” means that something happens INSTANTLY- literally that very second. Whereas “directly” can mean something happens instantly, but it can also mean something just happens ‘soon’.

Is there a word directly?

Kids Definition of directly 1 : in a straight course or line She sits directly across from me. The road runs directly north. 2 : straight to or from a source : without interference I spoke directly to the principal. 3 : immediately sense 2 She began directly to work.

1. deviating from a direct course or line; roundabout; circuitous. 2. not coming as a direct effect or consequence; secondary: indirect benefits. 3. not straightforward, open, or fair; devious or evasive: an indirect insult. 4. (of a title or an inheritance) not inherited in an unbroken line of succession from father to son.

What is direct vs indirect?

The indirect method uses net income as the base and converts the income into the cash flow through the use of adjustments. The direct method only takes the cash transactions into account and produces the cash flow from operations.

What does indirectly related mean?

‘Directly’ means that the cause and effect are inextricably linked. By doing one thing, you are causing a particular reaction. However, an indirect effect will not come from the action happening alone. The action will change something, and that ‘something’ will in turn affect the relevant person / organisation.

What is direct vs indirect cause?

1 Answer. In incident investigation, direct causes are the unsafe practices/conditions that allowed the incident to occur. Indirect (root) causes are the underlying causes that contributed to the existence of those direct causes.