What does E7 mean on a washing machine?

What does E7 mean on a washing machine?

Water level sensor Issue
What does the error code means and how to fix it?

New Code Old Code Cause
1E E7 Water level sensor Issue
3E 3E1 3E2 3E3 3E4 EA EB Motor defect
E4 E1 Water supply error. The appliance is not detecting that the unit is filling with water.
4E1 4E2 4Ed Water temperature issue

What does eo9 mean on a Hoover washing machine?

E09. This is indicative of a short circuit in the motor triac (which controls the spin speed) on the electronic module in your Hoover washer. It will no doubt require replacement.

How do I unlock my Hoover washing machine?

Simply plug the product back in or restore the power and then switch off the appliance using the button on the control panel. The door will now unlock.

What does eo9 mean?

If you can see either E09 or an LED continually flashing nine times between pauses your washing machine has detected a problem with a specific part. Error code E09 means there is something the matter with the part in the washing machine control board that drives the motor.

What does the E07 code on a Hoover mean?

If you see the E07 fault code flash seven times, pause, and then repeat, your Hoover machine has a problem. The code indicates an issue with the door lock or the motor. There are models, in which door lock issues are indicated by the E01 code. In any event, the code signals a problem, which must be solved ASAP.

What’s the error code on my Hoover washing machine?

HiVision HD 1200Cycle finished (several times – cleanest washing ever !!) But e07 on display and security light still on and door won’t open. Help? Cheers

What does an E07 error code on a washing machine mean?

E07 error code is a motor related fault. If this is something you are looking at checking yourself then you need to pull washer out and remove the back panel and there you will see the motor at the bottom of the drum.

Is there an E07 error in Hoover dynamic next door lock light?

E07 ERROR WE WAITED MORE THAN 2 MINUTES … read more My hoover dynamic next door lock light flashes on and off at random intervals, and at end of wash sometimes we cannot open door (code E07). Is … read more Hi, I have a Candy CDB485D washing machine and the door lock won’t unlock after a cycle.