What does close grip preacher curl work?

What does close grip preacher curl work?

What is Close Grip Curl? As evident from the name, in a close grip bicep curl, your keep your hands closer than the shoulder width. This targets the outer head of the biceps. If you want to build your bicep head and peak, you must focus on this type of bicep curl.

Should preacher curls be close or wide grip?

The wider your grip is, the more you will recruit the long head of the biceps. This is the portion of the biceps responsible for the biceps “peak.” On the other hand, you will recruit the short head of the biceps more when you use a narrow grip.

What can I do instead of preacher curls?

Best Preacher Curl Alternatives

  1. Dumbbell Concentration Curl. If you’re looking to do preacher curls at home but don’t have the required equipment, concentration curls are the next best thing.
  2. Incline Dumbbell Curl.
  3. Prone Incline Curl.
  4. Single Incline Bench Curl.
  5. Cable Concentration Curl.
  6. Overhead Double Cable Curl.

Are close grip curls good?

In terms of cosmetic appeal, the long head is what forms the “hump” or peak of the bicep, while the short head is what forms much of the girth and the width of the bicep. Utilizing a narrow grip for the Curl will have your hands closer together, which results in increased muscle activity in the long head of the biceps.

Which bicep head Do EZ bar curls work?

Zottman curl This move targets all the muscles on the front of your upper arm in every rep, using both heads of the biceps – brachii and brachialis – on the way up, and the brachioradialis when you go palms-down for the descent.

What grip is best for biceps?

If you’re looking to work both the short and the long head of the biceps equally, your best bet is the Standard Grip Curl. This position is easier to assume on a straight barbell than an EZ bar, as the EZ bar only allows you to comfortably place your hands either in a close or wide position.