What does 3M mean on Jordans?

What does 3M mean on Jordans?

It’s also responsible for some of our favorite sneakers like the Air Jordan 5, Nike Air Max 97, and many more. The former Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (renamed 3M in 2002) was founded in 1902 by five men: physician Dr.

What are Jordan 3s made of?

Material. The Air Jordan 3 Retro boasts of a high-performance leather upper for extended durability. It is made from a combination of full-grain, synthetic, and nubuck leather.

What does 3M mean on Nike shoes?

You’ll hear 3M thrown around the sneakersphere in reference to any little accents on your shoes with reflective properties, it’s become a bit of a catchall in the vernacular. In actual fact, 3M is the name of a company. Going all the way back to 1902 it was originally named Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.

What does the 3M mean on Nike?

Is Jordan 3 bulky?

Sizing and fit: The Jordan 3 might be bulky but it’s also narrow. Personally, I would definitely recommend sizing up. Comfort: Air Jordan 3s are so comfortable! I’d go so far as to say that they’re the comfiest Jordan silhouette.

What does 3M mean for shoes?

What does 3M mean in shoe size?


U.S. cm
Infant 2.5 M 10.2
Infant 3 M 10.5
Toddler 3.5 M 10.8
Toddler 4 M 11.4

When did the 3M come out in Air Jordans?

Making its debut in 1990, 3M was featured on a basketball shoe for the first time, on the original Air Jordan V. The first two colorways released featured 3M reflective tongues. Since then, we have seen 3M used just about every way, from subtle detailing, to the main focus of a sneaker.

Are there any Air Jordans that have 3M detailing?

The black and red colorway along with the ‘Navy’ low-top also featured 3M detailing throughout the mesh upper.

Who was the designer of the Air Jordan 3?

Legendary designer Tinker Hatfield re-introduced Jordan’s signature line with the first mid-cut basketball sneaker. The tumbled leather and elephant skin print wrapping the toe and heel established the Jordan 3 as a sneaker that could be worn proudly both on and off the hardwood.