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What do you need for a splash pad?

What do you need for a splash pad?

SPLASH PAD ESSENTIALS: What to pack for a day of water play

  • Swimwear (arrive ready to play!)
  • Sunscreen.
  • Hats & sunglasses.
  • Towels & beach blankets.
  • Swim diapers.
  • Snacks & drinks (stay hydrated!)
  • Toys (water-friendly additions to your play experience)
  • Water shoes or sandals.

How much does it cost to build a splash pad?

The splash pad cost ranges from $65,000- $500,000 for a commercial grade, and the splash pad cost for a residence is around $15,000-$35,000 depending on what’s best for you. There are some other options that can be cheaper but you’ll end up building a splash pad kit and install it yourself.

How do you increase water pressure in a splash pad?

First, the water spray pad is laid flat and placed relatively flat. Second, install the inlet of the sprinkler mat and tighten the inlet port. Third, connect inlet of the water play mat and the faucet with the water pipe at both ends. … see more.

What do you wear to a splashpad?

Since your kids will get pretty wet, a swimming suit is the best outfit for the splash pad. Water shoes are also a good idea to avoid scrapes and falls. My son’s swimming suit includes a long sleeve water shirt with UPF protection. If you have a one piece swimming suit you could wear it with some board shorts.

How many gallons of water does a splash pad use?

With a splash pad, you are dealing with a very small body of water around 1,000 gallons instead of the 10’s of thousand gallons you have with a pool. It only takes a few children in diapers to play in the splash pad after you have checked the chemicals and you could quickly have a bacteria problem in the water.

Do they put chlorine in splash pads?

Water treatment helps, but does not eliminate risk of contaminated water. Spray parks typically use recirculated water, which is treated before being sprayed out again. The water is filtered, and treated with chlorine and maybe even UV lights. These treatments are excellent, but they do not “sterilize” the water.

Do splash pads recirculate water?

Patricia Rotschild, marketing and design specialist with Vortex Aquatic Structures International, notes that recirculating systems are most common on larger splash pad installations. However, the water must be resanitized before it can be reused and the treatment requirements vary from state to state.

Why are splash pads bad?

But even with a very small risk of water-related injuries like drowning, splash pads are not as safe as they should be, and people are being injured. In other words, the water is recycled through the system. As a result, it is possible for the water to become contaminated and make people sick.

Where can I get a my splash pad kit?

RESIDENTIAL SPLASH PAD KITS by My Splash Pad. Made in the USA. My Splash Pad offers homeowners a variety of do-it-yourself splash pad kits for residential installs. For the skilled do-it-yourselfer, our kits are a great value.

What are the features of a splash pad?

Splash pads will typically consist of multiple spray jets, and/or above ground spray features. A splash pad can operate on a fresh water system, a grey water system, or a recirculation system. What type of splash pad products does Rain Deck offer?

Is the my splash pad valve made in the USA?

Made in the USA, our splash pad kits are the most dependable in the industry. Our kits have the only 3-PORT water driven valve with a lifetime warranty.

How many nozzles are in my splash pad?

With water safety at the forefront of what we do, our kits include a chlorinator and a UV light sanitizer/clarifier that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. As shown in the links below, our DIY splash pad kits range in size from 6 nozzles to 16 nozzles and are available for poolside installs and stand alone pads.