What do you mean by parallels?

What do you mean by parallels?

: to be similar or equal to (something) : to happen at the same time as (something) and in a way that is related or connected. : to be parallel to (something) : to go or extend in the same direction as (something)

How do you use paralleled in a sentence?

Paralleled Sentence Examples

  1. A special levy on the class of resident aliens (µEToiKtov), probably paralleled by a duty on slaves, was in force.
  2. The thinness of the skin, indeed, can but rarely be paralleled among other Europeans.

What is the best definition of parallel?

The definition of parallel is extending in the same direction and at the same distance apart. Being an equal distance apart everywhere. Dancers in two parallel rows.

Why is parallel structure important?

Why is it important to use parallel structure? Lack of parallel structure can disrupt the rhythm of a sentence, leaving it grammatically unbalanced. Proper parallel structure helps to establish balance and flow in a well-constructed sentence; the alignment of related ideas supports readability and clarity.

What is a parallel example?

Parallel structure (also called parallelism) is the repetition of a chosen grammatical form within a sentence. By making each compared item or idea in your sentence follow the same grammatical pattern, you create a parallel construction. Example Not Parallel: Ellen likes hiking, the rodeo, and to take afternoon naps.

What does modern parallel mean?

countable noun. If something has a parallel, it is similar to something else, but exists or happens in a different place or at a different time.

What are the importance of parallelism in our daily experiences?

Parallelism helps make an idea or argument clear and easy to remember. It also shows that each repeated structure is of equal importance. And, it is a powerful tool for public speaking.

How can you apply parallelism in a real life situation?

Parallel line examples in real life are railroad tracks, the edges of sidewalks, marking on the streets, zebra crossing on the roads, the surface of pineapple and strawberry fruit, staircase and railings, etc.

Which is the best definition of paralleled in English?

Define paralleled. paralleled synonyms, paralleled pronunciation, paralleled translation, English dictionary definition of paralleled. adj. 1. Being an equal distance apart everywhere: dancers in two parallel rows. See Usage Note at absolute. 2. Mathematics a. Of, relating to, or…

Which is the best definition of meaningful use?

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How to use the word par · al · Lel?

par·al·lel 1 To make or place parallel to something else: paralleled the ditch to the highway. 2 To be or extend parallel to: a trail that parallels the crater rim. 3 To be similar or analogous to: claimed that fetal development parallels the evolution of the species. 4 To be or provide an equal for; match.

When do you use parallel construction in writing?

Use parallel construction when items in a series have an equal level of importance. These items are usually joined by commas or semicolons along with and or or. On the word level, a noun should be grouped with other nouns, an adjective with other adjectives, and so on.