What can you do with a rangeland ecology and management degree?

What can you do with a rangeland ecology and management degree?

Career Opportunities

  • Rangeland Management Specialist.
  • Soil Conservationist.
  • Reclamation Specialist.
  • Rangeland Ecologist.
  • Natural Resource Specialist.

What can I do with a range management degree?

Careers for Conservation Scientists and Foresters

  • Conservation education foresters.
  • Conservation land managers.
  • Conservation science officers.
  • Conservation scientists.
  • Environmental protection foresters.
  • Forest ecologists.
  • Foresters.
  • Forestry scientists.

What does a range land management specialist do?

Rangeland management specialists are working to provide such things as habitat for a variety of plant and animal species, clean water, and sustainable grazing and browsing. They inventory, classify, and monitor rangeland conditions to maintain or improve rangeland health.

What is range ecology management?

Rangeland Ecology & Management publishes all topics-including ecology, management, socioeconomic and policy-pertaining to global rangelands. The journal’s mission is to inform academics, ecosystem managers and policy makers of science-based information to promote sound rangeland stewardship.

How much do rangeland managers make?

The average pay for a Rangeland Manager is $70,473.48. The highest paid Rangeland Manager made $160,286 in 2019.

How do I become a rangeland management specialist?

To become a Rangeland Management Specialist you need a degree in range management or related discipline with at least 42 semester hours in a combination of the plant, animal, and soil sciences, and natural resources management, as follows: 18 semester hours of Range Management.

Are rangelands a biome?

Rangelands are called by many different names around the world. These diverse and complex landscapes are recognized as several distinctive biomes including Grasslands, Shrublands, Woodlands, and Deserts.

What does rangeland mean?

Rangelands are those lands on which the native vegetation (climax or natural potential plant community) is predominantly grasses, grass-like plants, forbs, or shrubs suitable for grazing or browsing use.

How much does a rangeland manager make?

What does a rangeland scientist do?

Professional rangeland management specialists are needed to integrate information about plant communities, soils, wildlife species, livestock use, watershed functions, and land use policy to conserve and restore these wildland ecosystems.