What can a clothespin be used for?

What can a clothespin be used for?

A clothespin (US English), or clothes peg (UK English) is a fastener used to hang up clothes for drying, usually on a clothes line.

What can I do with tiny clothespins?

49 Classy Clothespin Craft Ideas

  1. Ballerina Ornament. This little ballerina is just the sweetest, and the tutorial makes it easy to follow!
  2. Clothespin Snowmen.
  3. Cat in the Hat.
  4. Sunflower Wreath.
  5. Cool Penguins.
  6. Tea Wreath.
  7. Kissing Couples.
  8. Little Mermaids.

How much weight can a clothes pin hold?

A classic, Sarang-style clothespin with updated engineering, this clothes pin will hold up to two lbs. per clip. Weather resistant by design, the sturdy plastic construction, and heavy duty Sarang will last through your most challenging laundry days. Overall Product Weight: 0.71lb.

What can I make with wooden pegs?

The pegs are perfect to hold photos, notes and are great as embelishments to little party bags and other gift packages too! Also they make great fridge magnets. Just use hot glue and some small magnets to the back of the pegs. You can paint them or you can put glitter that will make them shiny and chic.

Can you put clothespins in the oven?

1/2 inch to 5/8 inch dowels cut 4 inches long work well. Clothes pins may spring open in the oven and break the pastry. These are best if baked on insulated cookie sheets.

How much does a wood clothespin weigh?

Product information

Product Dimensions 10.63 x 6.69 x 0.39 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Item Weight 0.264 ounces
Manufacturer LWR Crafts
Date First Available April 10, 2014

What does the term clothespin mean?

: a forked piece of wood or plastic or a small spring clamp used for fastening clothes on a clothesline.

Can you bake a paper clip?

1 Answer. As long as they are not plastic coated, it is unlikely for anything relevantly toxic to get into the food via vapors just from heating a small household metal object in the same space with the food, below temperatures that will cause anything to melt.

How do you make a dragonfly clothespin?

Put dots of glue on the front and stick on the googly eyes. Take a pipe cleaner and bend both edges to the middle and twist. Once you have two (pictured aboved) criss-cross them and put them inside the clothespin. You can use hot glue to secure it, otherwise they are fine!

What can a clothespin be used for in a frame?

Clothespins, make for inexpensive and handy photo frames, when the real thing is not to be found. You can paint the pins according to preference to lend the photo it holds a more personal touch. 10. Use a Clothespin as a Bag Clip

What can you do with a clothespin in your eye?

A to-do list is helpful, whether for the office or simply tacked up to the side of your window frame or cupboard door. And while it might seem like a drag to jot down your daily chores, keeping a wad of notepaper stuck with the help of a clothespin in your eye of sight might help you make this a habit.

What can you use clothespins for in a vase?

Make a simple vase or pencil cup by clipping clothespins to the walls of an old (clean) tuna can. From Seventh House on the Left. #18. Organize your schedule with clothespins labeled for every day of the week. From BHG.

Can you paint clothespins with washi tape?

To get the pins completely covered in paint, I had to take them apart. It wasn’t super difficult, but putting them back together did hurt my fingers a bit, so you might want to just add washi tape to your clothespins instead of painting them! Once the clothespins dry completely, put them back together by pulling and slipping the spring into place.