What are the types of bed making?

What are the types of bed making?

Types of bed making –

  • Closed bed.
  • Open bed.
  • Admission bed.
  • Occupied bed.
  • Operation bed or post-anaesthetic bed or recovery bed.
  • Cardiac bed.
  • Fracture bed.
  • Amputation bed or stump bed or divided bed.

What are the four types of bed making?

Types of Bed Making in Hospital:

  • Occupied bed,
  • Cardiac bed,
  • Fowler’s bed,
  • Fracture bed,
  • Operation bed.

How many types of hospital beds are there?

There are electric, semi-electric and fully-electric hospital beds available in the market.

What are the procedure for bed making?


  1. Wash hands.
  2. The bed should be put where it is required.
  3. The other items are kept on a bench near the bed for convenience.
  4. The bottom protection or mattress protection dari or mat should be spread first over the bed.
  5. Then the mattress is spread over the bed.
  6. The mattress cover is then put on the mattress.

What is divided bed?

 It is a bed in which top linen is divided into two parts to visualize the amputed part of the lower limbs without disturbing the patient.

What is ICU bed?

An ICU bed is a specially designed bed for the patients under the intensive care unit. ICU beds are generally made of anti-bacterial or anti-microbial properties (which most hospital equipment are made of), but the ICU bed manufacturers do make them the way other beds are made.

What is blanket bed?

A blanket is a generic term that refers to almost any bed covering thicker than a sheet, including quilts, duvets, and comforters.

What is Fowler’s bed?

NET Fowler beds are ergonomically designed, four section perforated beds utilized for knee rest and backrest functions. These fowler beds are equipped with easy lifting or collapsible side rails to ensure patient safety. …

What is cardiac bed?

Cardiac bed prepared for heart cases. Purpose: 1. To relieve dyspnoea caused by cardiac diseases.

What is close bed?

The term “closed bed” is used to designate the hospital bed which remains empty until the admission of another patient. It is termed “closed bed making” because the top covers are so arranged the all linen beneath the spread is fully protected from dust and dirt.

What are the different styles of beds?

A traditional solid wooden bed frame can cover many different types. Traditional bed styles can include canopy, four poster, half tester, platform, sleigh or a variety of styles. Typically it is thought of as a hand made wooden bed with nostalgic properties and a rustic style.

What are the types of bed set up?

Platform Bed. A platform bed usually offers a low profile and foundation free place to relax.

  • it is a sleigh bed.
  • Four Poster Bed.
  • Canopy Bed.
  • Storage Bed.
  • Day Bed.
  • Trundle Bed.
  • Bunk Bed.
  • Traditional Solid Wooden Bed Frame.
  • Round Bed Frame.
  • What is bed making?

    Bed-making is the act of arranging the bedsheets and other bedding on a bed, to prepare it for use. It is a household chore, but is also performed in establishments including hospitals, hotels, and military or educational residences. Bed-making is also a common childhood chore.