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What are the rules for Reddit for Destiny?

What are the rules for Reddit for Destiny?

Hub for all things Destiny (the streamer, not the game). 1. No Personal Attacks. 2. 3. No shipping jokes. 4. Circlejerks limited to 3 days. 5. Follow site-wide rules. 6. 7. Reddit Inc © 2021. All rights reserved

Where is the best place to discuss Destiny 2?

Whether something is specifically something YOU should do or not is up to you, not the community. Game Discussion While r/DestinytheGame is generally the hub for more in-depth discussion about Destiny 2, we strongly encourage these kinds of posts here as well.

Who was the Earon in the Maggiore murders?

Brian and Katie Maggiore were walking their dog. They encountered EAR prowling around and exhibiting very suspicious behavior (possibly being weird with them directly, e.g. following from a distance and popping in and out of bushes etc.) He likely wasn’t wearing his mask at this time.

Why was Katie killed in the Maggiore murders?

Perhaps Brian’s own professional countenance led EAR to believe he was LE even without Brian identifying himself as such. Katie was killed for being a direct witness. The attack was 9:15-10pm. This is early for an EAR attack but consistent with pre-attack prowling times reported during LE canvassing post-attacks.

What’s the DPS of Xenophage in Destiny?

Xenophage, Lament, Izanagi’s Burden, Sleeper Simulant, you name a hard hitting heavy exotic, and Anarchy just blows its DPS outta the water. Why can I hit 1.9 million damage consistently using Anarchy and two slugs, yet when I switch to Xeno it drops below 1.3 million consistently? Doesn’t really seem all that balanced to me.

Is there a way to ban garbage posts on Destiny?

Destiny please ban these posts about garbage twitter screenshots of nobodies where people pretend that anything they say matters. If that opinion was relevant, you’d find a popular tweet or account parroting. If you can’t find it, fuck off.

Why do you get passive damage in Destiny?

I haven’t done a single raid since Scourge where if someone had Anarchy for boss DPS, they werent running it. The fact that you can deal so much passive damage while ALSO shooting your other two weapons (usually two slugs for around 200,000 DPS) is insane and kinds unbalanced IMO.