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What are the Much Wenlock Games?

What are the Much Wenlock Games?

The Wenlock Olympian Games, dating from 1850, are a forerunner of the modern Olympic Games. They are organised by the Wenlock Olympian Society (WOS), and are held each year at venues across Shropshire, England, centred on the little market town of Much Wenlock.

What Has Much Wenlock got to do with the Olympics?

Wenlock and Mandeville are the Official Mascots of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. Wenlock is the mascot for the Olympics and Mandeville for the Paralympics.

What were the aims of the Wenlock Olympian Games?

Wenlock Games: a brief history The original objective of the Games was to “promote the moral, physical and intellectual improvement of the inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood of Wenlock, and especially of the working classes, by the encouragement of outdoor recreation”.

When were the Wenlock Games founded?

Founded in 1860 by William Penny Brookes “to provide annual competitions in sports and the arts for people of every grade”, a significant part of the modern International Olympic Games’ history…

What is a Wenlock?

Filters. (geology) Of a geologic epoch within the Silurian period from about 428 to 423 million years ago; marked by the appearance of the first corals. adjective.

Is Wenlock Edge open?

In line with government guidance, our countryside space is open for local visitors to access for walks. We ask all visitors to follow guidance on social distancing to keep everyone safe.

Why were Wenlock and Mandeville chosen?

Did You Know? Streets, parks and underground station entrances in London were decorated with 84 sculptures of Wenlock and the Paralympic mascot, Mandeville, standing 2 metres 30 tall and each weighing a ton, to help guide tourists during the Games. The mascots were chosen in a competition launched in 2008.

What does much mean in Much Wenlock?

Those who stayed in England were gradually assimilated, rather like the name of the town we start our drive in, Much Wenlock. It gets its Much is from Anglo-Saxon mycel, meaning ‘great’ or ‘much’.

Why Is Much Wenlock called Much Wenlock?

Much Wenlock has many underground streams, but it is probably the stream from which our St. Owen’s Well in Back Lane drew it water that is here indicated. Wenlock thus means ”Owen’s stream” or, in the 9th Century spelling, which is a diminutive, “Owen’s little stream”.

Can you cycle Wenlock Edge?

This limestone escarpment runs virtually unbroken from Ironbridge to Craven Arms. This section of the Edge is owned by the National Trust and the many tracks and trails are good for cycling as well as horseriding and walking. This popular route is part of the Shropshire Way as well as the Jack Mytton Way.

Who owns Wenlock Edge?

Wenlock Edge is a narrow limestone escarpment that runs for 18 miles from Craven Arms to Ironbridge, the National Trust owns 8 miles of this stretch.

What did Wenlock represent?

The five friendship rings on his wrists correspond to the five Olympic rings, and three points on his head represent the three places on the podium. The pattern on his body symbolises the whole world coming to London, and the shape of his helmet represents the shape of the Olympic Stadium.

Where is the Olympian trail in Much Wenlock?

The Olympian Trail around Much Wenlock is a 1.3 mile walk that introduces sites that were important in the development of the Wenlock Olympian Games and Dr. William Penny Brookes dream to revive the traditions of the ancient Greek Olympic Games. The trail starts and finishes outside the free to enter Much Wenlock Museum in the town square.

When is the next Wenlock Olympian Games in England?

The 134th Wenlock Olympian Games – 2021 Following the latest UK government guidance on holding events in England, the Society has made the decision to not hold the bulk of the events that make up the Wenlock Olympian Games on the weekend of the 10/11th July and, instead, considering staging them in late September.

How did the Olympics of Much Wenlock start?

From the beginning, pomp and circumstance was an important part of the Wenlock Olympics. The games began with a colorful band-led procession of competitors, officials and flag bearers through the decorated town to the meadow that is now permanent home to the games.

Where does the name Much Wenlock come from?

Wenlock, a cute creature made from a droplet of steel from the steelworks used to build the Olympic stadium, takes his name from Much Wenlock, a small town in central Shropshire. With a population of around 3,000 this very small town has a very large history. Much Wenlock is home to the Wenlock Olympian Games.