What are the 5 facts about Samoa?

What are the 5 facts about Samoa?

10 Interesting And Unique Facts About Samoa

  • Tattooing Is A Part Of Samoan Culture.
  • 84% Of Samoa’s Land Birds Are Endemic To The Country.
  • The ʻie tōga Is An Important Symbol Of The Samoan Culture.
  • Are Samoan Boys Raised As Girls?
  • Samoan Houses are the Most Ancient Structure In Polynesia.
  • There Is Only One City In Samoa.

What is the island of Samoa known for?

According to legend, Samoa is known as the “Cradle of Polynesia” because Savai’i island is said to be Hawaiki, the Polynesian homeland. Samoan culture is undoubtedly central to Polynesian life, and its styles of music, dance, and visual art have gained renown throughout the Pacific islands and the world.

How old is Samoa Island?

around 3,500 years ago
The capital city is Apia. The Lapita people discovered and settled the Samoan Islands around 3,500 years ago.

How many islands are in Samoa?

9 islands
Samoa is a small island country in the central South Pacific Ocean. It is made up of an archipelago of 9 islands, 4 of which are inhabited. The 2 largest islands are Savai’i and Upolu.

Where did Samoa get its name?

Samoan traditions hold the view that Tagaloa-alagi created the world and the Samoan people out of the earth, hence their name Samoa. One traditional view states that anything born out of the ‘moa’ or centre of the earth was ‘sacred’ to ‘moa’ (Samoa).

What is the language of Samoa?

Samoa/Official languages

What are some interesting facts about Samoa?

Samoa – Interesting and Important Facts. Samoa lie about 4,200 miles southwest of San Francisco, California and were once called the “ Navigators Islands ” Nearly all of the islands are volcanic formations, and most of them are surrounded by coral reefs. Samoa has its own Ancient Pyramid.

What are islands in Samoa?

The country of Samoa consists of two main islands. Upolu, the most populated, where the capital city Apia is located, and Savai’i, the largest island where one can find unspoiled traditional villages, a rainforest preserve, and an active volcano. There are also some small islands and islets, some of which are inhabited.

How many islands in Samoa?

American Samoa consists of five main islands and two coral atolls. The largest and most populous island is Tutuila, with the Manuʻa Islands, Rose Atoll , and Swains Island also included in the territory.

What is the culture of Samoa?

The traditional culture of Samoa is a communal way of life based on Fa’a Samoa, the unique socio-political culture. In Samoan culture, most activities are done together. There are 3 main parts in the Samoan culture, that is faith, family and music. The traditional living quarters, or fale (houses),…