What are post mastectomy bathing suits?

What are post mastectomy bathing suits?

Simply put, mastectomy swimsuits are bathing suits specifically designed for women who have had breast surgery. They sometimes include sewn-in breast pockets for prostheses as well as altered features like higher necklines and armholes to help women feel more confident and offer more support where she needs it.

What is a mastectomy pillow?

Mastectomy pillow – THIS WAS MY FAVORITE ITEM! I cannot recommend this enough. It is a pillow that goes underneath the arms and over the breast area to protect your new incision(s), and it will make you feel more secure when hugging people.

How do you measure your torso length for a swimsuit?

TORSO: Measure from the high point of your shoulder (between your neck base and shoulder joint) over the fullest part of your bust, through your legs and up your back to the starting point.

When can you go swimming after a double mastectomy?

Most women can get back in the water around 3 weeks after surgery. After this waiting period, the skin tissues have had time to heal and become more water-resistant. Also, make sure your incisions don’t stay wet for an extended period of time after swimming.

Can you wear a swimsuit after a mastectomy?

Our diverse variety of mastectomy swimwear comes in a variety of swimwear types, ranging from one-pieces to swimdresses. Each swimsuit features a bra designed to support you during your recovery from breast surgery. Move with ease with mastectomy swimsuits from swimandsweat. © 2021 Swim & Sweat®.

Where can I buy a bikini top for a mastectomy?

Our tankini tops fall to the hips, gently skimming and slimming your midriff. Choose from a variety of stylish details including tiered ruffles to enhance your bust, blouson-style tops with side ties, or soft draping to create a smooth silhouette. Dare to bare with a gorgeous bikini top from

How can I regain my shape after a mastectomy?

If you have decided not to undergo breast reconstruction after mastectomy surgery, breast forms can help you to regain your curvy shape. To keep your breast forms in place while you enjoy the water, look for mastectomy swimsuits that feature bilateral pockets sewn into the cups.