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What are Follow Me Home headlights BMW?

What are Follow Me Home headlights BMW?

Follow Me Home Headlamps

  1. In this feature, the car’s headlights remain ‘on’ when the driver either unlocked the vehicle via the key or switched the ignition ‘off’
  2. The headlights stay on for 10-15 seconds to provide a lit track or path for you.
  3. And this system can come in handy in various ways in numerous situations.

How do you use BMW Welcome lights?

The welcome lights are activated when unlocking the car with the fob or touching a handle. They do not activate if the car is already unlocked. The idea is, they “welcome you” as you approach the car while unlocking.

What is the welcome light in BMW?

It’s called the BMW Welcome Light Carpet, essentially a a striped pattern of light that’s projected on the floor, guiding the motorists to the front doors of the car.

What are see me home headlights?

The term ‘see me home’ means they light the way to the front door, assuming you are in the driveway, even after you have alighted the vehicle.

What is BMW welcome home function?

When you arrive at your destination, turn off the engine and leave the lights switch on. The lights will stay on as long the car is unlocked. After locking the lights will go off.

What Are Welcome Home lights?

Coming home leaves the headlights on for a user-defined period of time after the engine is turned off. Leaving home turns them on when the vehicle is unlocked. Both of these settings are stored per key. Key settings are recalled when the vehicle is unlocked.

What is cornering lights in cars?

The cornering lamp function is activated when turning. Depending on the steering angle, the fog lights swivel left or right. They illuminate the area to the side of your car, considerably increasing safety in the dark or while driving in poor lighting conditions.

What is coming leaving home function?

What happens is every time you leave your vehicle the lights in the mirrors, the dipped-beam headlights, the tailgate lights and the license plate lighting stay on for a short period and then switch off automatically. This allows you to see the way to your doorway when it’s dark outside.